Mastering Tarot Advice Workshop! • Mondays in May

Hello Beautiful Tarot Goddesses!

Ever wondered what certain Tarot cards mean when they come up as advice? This May I’ll be doing a workshop on Monday evenings that focuses on what each card means when it comes up for advice in a spread. If you’re ready to get your Tarot Goddess Geek on, here’s the place to do it!
Tarot Advice Flyer.jpg
We’ll be
Pondering the personalities, psyches, and instincts of the court and the Majors as well as the minors investigating the advice within each and how we can incorporate that advice into the flow of the reading at hand. 
This class is for you if
You have a basic understanding of the meanings of the cards or you’ve been around the Tarot block a few times and know a thing or two about a thing or two. 
If you want to get a clearer picture about what the Empress would advise you about your relationship status and what El Diablo thinks you should about the mean girl at work (It might not be what you think!), what would the Queen of Swords tell you vs. the 9 of Pentacles if you asked them how to best go about navigating a tricky social dynamic at a wedding? What would the Hierophant say to you about how best to respond to someone asking you to do your work free for a charity event? We’ll get this all ironed out and a ton more!
Dates and Times
4 weeks + 1 for extra practice!
Mondays 6pm-8pm: 1. May 3rd 2. May 10th 3. May 17th 4. May 24th * Extra Practice!
5. May 31st
We’ll be in Padmes Zoom Room for each gathering!
Please respond to this email if you have any questions!
I’m excited to get our Tarot Goddess on in May! So much fun!

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