Padmes Memberships

Goddess Membership includes:

• 2 Monthly Reiki Readings
• Monthly Goddess Reiki Share
• Recorded Guided Meditations
• Monthly Quantum Goddess Frequency Training
• Rose Reading & Deprogramming Practice

Cost: $250 Monthly Autopay

Quantum Goddess Membership Includes:

+ All of the Above
+ Access to Quantum Goddess Frequency Training Archive Collection
+ Access to Truth-Self Crash Course Recorded Guides
+ 1 Reiki Reading with Tarot
+ Zoom Workshops
+ Extended & Ongoing Truth-Self Connection Program

Cost: $350 Monthly Autopay


Quantum Goddess WolfPack Membership includes:

• We’Tea Intentioning: First Monday of the Month 11:30am-1:30pm
• Goddess WolfPack BookClub: Second Wednesday of the Month 6pm-8pm
• Quantum Goddess Frequency Training: Fourth Wednesday of the Month 9am-10am

Cost: $25 4-Month Autopay

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