Truth-Self Connection Crash Course!

Learn the Berkeley Clairvoyant Tools in this 3-class series!

Do you want to expand your clairvoyant skills and build your Psychic Symbol Encyclopedia, read energy with your mind’s eye and recognize the signs and symbols of the energy around you?

This crash course will set you up for success in the psychic department!

We’ll be studying, practicing, and doing exercises for: 


  • Getting Neutral for Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Recognizing, Identifying, and releasing Pictures
  • The Rose Reading
  • Deprogramming

This Crash Course is designed to quickly engage your psychic and clairvoyant ability and expand your awareness. You will have everything you need to practice with others once-a-month in the Clairvoyant Rose Readings & Deprogramming Practice. Engaging your psychic muscles with this work greatly enhances your psychic skills.

Thursday, June 18th, 6-8pm
Tuesday, June 23rd, 6-8pm
Thursday, June 25th, 6-8pm

Padmes Zoom Room!


Next Step:

After the Truth-Self Connection Crash Course,

Work with others who are practicing the Clairvoyant Psychic Tools to heighten your psychic connection:

Clairvoyant Rose Readings & Deprogramming Practice:

every 4th Sunday of the Month 10-11:30

Email me to RSVP!

Next Next Step:

Want to deep dive into your clairvoyant studies?
Sign up for the extended Truth-Self Connection Class. Get more info here!

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