Padmes Card of the Day—Queen of Cups reversed

Padmes card of the day queen of cups reversedPadmes Card of the Day— Queen of Cups reversed—Who did you disenchant?

#PadmesCard of the Day—It’s not so much who as why… A day to reconsider any shut down feelings that are hiding in the depths of your being and bring them to the surface to get a good look. The empathy you don’t have for another is as much as the empathy you don’t have for yourself. Whatever you did, it’s ok.

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Padmes Card of the Day—3 of Wands

Padmes Card of the day 3 of WandsPadmes Card of the Day—3 of Wands

#PadmesCard of the day —Go for it! Not a day to sit and wait… Time to take action! Planning and preparation in the direction of your dreams is necessary. Then going with the flow will bring signs as to which way to proceed for your greatest good. Accept any help that comes along. Positive advancements come with the advice of a mentor and the assistance of others.

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