Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher

One-on-One Training

Welcome to your Heart-Centered Reiki rite of passage! I am honored to be on this journey with you.  Karuna Ki Reiki holds space with a specific focus. We hold space with compassion for our Self, others, and with the intention that we’re offering compassionate healing to the world and the Universe. Karuna Ki is a healing art and meditative practice designed to cultivate compassion through love, the most powerful healing energy there is.

In Tibetan Buddhist traditions, meditations and mantras are practiced to cultivate compassion. “Om Mani Padme Hum” (hence Padmes) is a mantra to cultivate this love and compassion. It means “The Jewel in the Lotus.”

The practice of mantra brings about Self-compassion, and seeing, acknowledging or witnessing the Jewel in the Lotus for others, helping others’ true light to be “seen.” Karuna Reiki is about seeing and energetically acknowledging one’s divinity beyond the trauma-created walls and coping mechanisms. In pure love we are healed, and All are One in the Love of Source.

With this intention in mind and heart: Father, Mother, God, Creator of All that is, please assist us in understanding this energy, becoming and facilitating this energy, healing with this energy, and offering this healing energy to others, plants, our animals, the world, and the Universe, the Quantum Field of Light, the morphogenetic field. And so it is. 🤍

Please let me know when you would like to schedule your Reiki Class. This is a very exciting and Spiritual next step to take and I am honored to be part of your Reiki journey into the the field of energetics, auric clearing, self-healing, and earth & animal nurturing.

Contact Meg for details: [email protected]

Cost: $650

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master Teacher

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