Star Goddess

Learn about Your Star Chart

Astrology Study
Come join me and your Goddess Sisters in delving deep into your stars and planets this year!

2nd Thursdays
Cost: $24/Monthly

Register: [email protected]

We’ll be covering things like:
• Characteristics of the signs (for understanding of Self, loved ones, but also for understanding what it means when the moon is in those signs.. & what happens during the Void of Course moon)
• North Nodes & South Nodes (What did you bring with you from your last life and what is your purpose in this one?)
• Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs (What are they and why are they different.. and important?)
• Where is your Mercury? How does this affect Mercury Retrograde periods? (How do you usually feel during Mercury Retrograde?)
• Where was the moon when you were born? How does that affect you in the moon’s cycle?
• Black Moon Lilith (is this different from your moon sign?)
• Your personal Chart: Moon • Love • Money
• And more!

Register: [email protected]

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