Moon Goddess Reiki Share


This a monthly Reiki Share that incorporates practitioners and non-practitioners to experience, be held in sacred space, and intentionally and consciously move into healing space. It’s a place to work on Self and others.

3rd Sunday of the Month
11am-1:30pm Zoom
Workshop Cost: $24 Monthly

Our focus for Moon Goddess Reiki:

• Manifesting with the phases of the moon
• Moon Mood Tracking
• You’ll have the option of doing a shadow work Tarot spread and sharing or not sharing about it :)
• We’ll pull cards in January for the Year Ahead Tarot Spread and check in with what we pulled each month
• You’ll have the option to also work on your personal mission statement and overall purpose for you and for the month
• We’ll talk about synchronicities and oracle cards
• And then we move into the Reiki Share part of the workshop where we consciously channel Reiki, or for those who are not Reiki yet, consciously channel loving kindness, or prana with the intention to heal self, each other, our animals, and the planet

While we’re offering healing energy, we’re talking about what comes up for us in our mind’s eye, what our intuition is saying during this process and we talk about what we’re seeing, hearing, feeling in breakout rooms before we come back to the main group to close.

Handouts abound for moon moods, manifesting with the moon phases (updated each month), the Shadow Work Tarot, Purpose worksheet, and a checklist for notes so you can keep track of what you want to share.

This is a share-it-all-or-share-bits type of thing. You can share as much as you’d like or not, as you like. We’re all here together for each other to hold compassionate space for each other during our process of connecting. And we do all this work outside the share, the share being your check point place and a place to be seen and heard by other like-minded goddesses.

To register for this event or for questions: [email protected] or text 623-229-9505


I have found this practice to be comforting and helpful in my alignment with myself, my heart, and my higher-self. I love checking in once a month to see how I’m coming along with my goals for myself, checking in with whether they need to be tweaked because something has evolved, and keeping my overall self-care engaged. (I can lose track of time like a banshee, so this check-in has been important for my 3D-Self to 5-D self awareness!) I also love feeling the importance and purpose of being part of holding space for others. It brings a Oneness Awareness that is truly a gift.  

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