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Spiritual Counselor and Owner of Padmes Reiki Readings & Soul Path Healing, Meg is a Lightworker who facilitates Moon Goddess Reiki Shares, Reiki attunement training in Usui Reiki (I-III Master-Teacher), Violet Flame Reiki (Master-Teacher), Karuna Ki Reiki (Master-Teacher), Kundalini Reiki (1-9 Master Teacher).

She offers clairvoyant healings, chakra clearing, cord cutting, Spiritual readings and Truth-Self Psychic Connection programs empowering her clients in their self-healing work.

Blocks and resistance that slow the flow of life-force energy can affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Symptoms can show up in our lives as relationship issues, at work, in mood disturbances, and body ailments. When you feel an imbalance in your life or your heart has driving questions, it’s your Higher-Self that is moving you to clear your energy and find your Divine Right Path.

Padmes Reiki Readings & Soul Path Healing • Intuitive • Clairvoyant • Empathic Meg utilizes of a combination of healing modalities including Matrix Energetics, Usui, Violet Flame, Karuna Ki, and Kundalini Reiki, the healing frequencies of Crystals, Crystal Reiki Grids, and Tarot. When you are able to clear your space and get answers to questions that have been heavy on your mind, you empower yourself by finding your Truth, next steps in your life, and genuine fulfillment.

Specializing in Reiki Readings

Working with the emotional body while clairvoyantly seeing and hearing the answers to questions you have, Meg uses Matrix Energetics, Tarot, and Reiki to assist in the movement of energy. She empathically feels into situations to receive more information on motivations and solutions. During sessions she helps you release and move energy that no longer serves you so that more space is available to fill with the energy that will get you on track and in your flow with the Universe.

Moon Goddess Reiki Shares

Each month Meg facilitates the Moon Goddess Reiki Shares. These are special women’s gatherings for practitioners as well as those who wish to experience Reiki energy and learn more about the practice. We gather to learn about engaging with the momentum of the moon, to heal ourselves, each other, our animals, and the planet. In-person and Zoom.

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