Is the Wisdom of a Fool Freedom?

Is Eve a Fool or a Planetary Grid Keeper of Truth?

I’ve been reading about Guinevere in the Arthurian tales as an archetype of Eve, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Divine Birth Priestesses. As with Mary Magdalene, Guinevere’s feminine power was snatched from her through misrepresentation. She was made to appear to anyone who read her stories as someone of ill repute and character.

In fact, in her take, Marguerite Rigoglioso, suggests that Arthur and Guinevere were part of sacred marriage that was being thwarted in an overarching agenda to disempower society through programs of misery. Eve, it seems, simply chose the red pill.

Rigoglioso teaches about restoring the sacred marriage template, it’s fascinating. I’m loving this take on stories we’ve all heard, with a completely different overview; a feminine empowering rather than blame and guilt and shame, that ultimately starts a wheel of infinite spin, karma. Being trapped in its stories is part of how we interact with different dimensions.

It seems, as an example, gamers are creating dimensions and realities all the time. We all are with anything we’re pouring energy into and directing our focus. When we put energy into a thought form (a game, or a symbol, like Reiki symbols) they become stronger and stronger. The more you think about the thing or the more people involved with the same thoughts think about their common goal.. the stronger it gets. Thoughts are powerful, they are things, they manifest.

The same is true when we continue telling the stories of disempowered Divine Priestesses through generations. Those codes, those story codes, like DNA, filter through into our energy, into our timelines, and into our ways of understanding the world. Divine Priestesses forget they’re Divine when they’re told so often they’re not, or that they’re exactly the opposite.

We’re Here Reclaiming What We’ve Forgotten, Not Lost

“The primary sacred marriage is within oneself. Becoming whole in and of yourself. You can’t be in a sacred marriage without having the sacred marriage within yourself. Your relationship with a partner will reflect harmony based on the degree that you have achieved sacred marriage within yourself.”—Marguerite Rigoglioso

The wisdom of the Fool.. I’ve always felt the Fool in Tarot is the most self-actualized, actually. He goes through the cycle of life, all the way around the wheel, has faith in the Universe, and begins again, with the eyes of the Buddha. or is this karmic cycle just going on and on because he won’t disembark? Why does he keep going? I truly believe his Higher-Self is waiting for the portal of breakthrough, choosing to no longer be shrouded from what is authentically real. His own Truth.

Bask in Your Light, Goddess.

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