Beltane Message, Matching Energy, and the Crystalline Grid of You

Last night was Star Goddess. We’re doing a deep dive into our natal charts, and checking out Sabian symbols that correlate with the degrees represented in our cosmic snap. It was amazing to me that we had some same degrees/Sabian symbols pop up. There are 29 Sabian symbols for each zodiac sign.. That means there are 348 of them. We had at least 6 matching in a small group. It’s amazing to me how matching energy shows up around us, in our circles and our synchronicities.

I always feel like the circle that gathers has formed for reasons beyond the obvi, even when we’re not aware of what those reasons are in the moment. No random here. No coincidences, only synchronicities.

Groups form and change, you can end up crossing paths, being stuck in an elevator, in the same traffic or class or school or… it’s all connected. We magnetize one another because we match frequency. We’re working out our patterns, becoming experts at those themes, and we’re doing it together, streaming consciousness and mirrors.

We are all crystals on a grid

I’m all about Reiki Crystal Grids, healing with energy, distance healing with intention, and connecting with the Universal grids in the astrals and in and around the planet. I see us as souls venturing into this life with our soul pod, the group of souls we travel through lives with. That soul pod can be incarnated on Earth at the same time we are or hang out as our guides while we’re running 3D. We may meet some of our incarnated soul pod throughout our lives or we may not, and they’re just here at the same time we are in another location on Earth.

I see us deciding as lightworkers, before we journey through, how to create crystalline formations on the planet before we even get here. The crystalline grid of you is activated through fascia and energy centers. When we feel urgency to move to another country, state or place down the street, it’s because the crystal grid of our soul pod is moving around into a different formation or a new area that needs this energy. When you unexpectedly go on a trip or vacation or end up somewhere you weren’t expecting, there is purpose. You are activating and lighting up that place.. or you’re being activated.

I unexpectedly went on a trip to the southern hemisphere a few years ago. I was glad to go, though it was so strange to me that I would be going across the world to this place when I am more drawn to other locations. Later when I returned I realized the whole purpose of my going had to do with where I needed to be at a particular time in space for my soul pod grid-work. It was also the place where I got this crazy-special Pounamu jade heart that has been more healing and transcendent (transcendence through neutrality) than I had imagined.

Part of what made this trip strange to me was that it was super triggering. I was being shown unconsciousness embodied, trauma, and what it can look like in other people who are in different states of survival; how people protect themselves, how they learn to protect themselves, or try to control others because they feel out of control, and what that creates in personalities, what it looks like in 3D, in the environment. I wonder about what kind of karma or matching energy lined that whole experience up..

Beltane Message

I’m noticing more and more the people I am magnetized to, that are magnetized to me, the groups, the experiences, and how they change as my own energy, thoughts, and beliefs change. The more I see the patterns that brought me to my present-time timeline, the more the old energy dissipates, heals, and releases. The more I become my own Beltane Fire, the more connected I feel with life and in flow with the Universe.

“No geographical location can heal your life. You are You wherever you go.” —from Flaked

Home is you, wherever you are. It reminds me of that saying, “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” I feel, though, there are magickal spots where you thrive because your crystalline grid of you lights up there. There are places where we feel more in ourselves, perhaps more grounded, purposeful, and connected. More at home. Places where the energy resonates so fully, you feel source within you differently. This Beltane, the realization of purpose came through strongly, and urgency or a feeling of the need to follow what you’re being drawn to, finding what deeply resonates with you, to surround yourself with what and who inspire you, what makes you feel alive. Your own fire. And suddenly you’ll find yourself matched and surrounded by others who have ignited their Beltane fires. The tribal fam is coming.


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