Timeless Pick a Card Tarot / Oracle 🤍

Your guides are sending you synchronicities, they’re sending you signs to follow that keep you aligned with your soul lessons and soul purpose in this incarnation. This reading is about where you’re going, where you are in your journey and what to focus on in order to align most with your higher consciousness.

Using your own intuition, choose the pile of Tarot & Oracle you are most drawn to, Pile #1, Pile #2, or Pile #3. Your angels and guides have messages for you:

Pile #1 Chalcopyrite

Chalcopyrite: Talk about being your own Beltane Fire! Chalcopyrite moves you through your “fires of Truth.” This stone helps you become aware of present-life challenges from links to past-life difficulties. It opens your spiritual awareness for energetic healing releasing blocks and resistance to maintaining your own energetic space. Universal flow of abundance is a stream of consciousness that can be tapped into. This stone can be used for: Inflammation, arthritis, self-esteem, bronchitis.

A time to make some boundaries, persevere and know that you’re almost there.. Don’t stop now! You can do it. Keep going! You’re in the stream of consciousness that is flowing toward you being the ruler of your empire. This is you fully comfortable in your knowingness because of the experiences you’ve had (this life and the wisdom you’re pulling from past/simultaneous-lives). Part of this theme has to do with sharing or teaching what you know to be true. You can help others who are doubting themselves or have an imposter-syndrome program running. You’re here to help others achieve their greatest good.

What you’ve been through or understand in a way as if you’ve been there before, you’ve worked through something that has completely changed the way you once thought or the way the collective thinks about a situation. You know there is more to know and not just what is presented on the surface.

A decision is made about moving forward in spite of difficulty. Switching it up, changing the way you’ve been monitoring or managing the flow, evaluating how to give this a push forward in a new or different way. Recognizing an old view or an old way of doing things causes more stress and separation than flow. Freedom and a clean slate is needed now. Recognizing the need for boundaries and saying no. Wisdom about decisions comes from having seen a situation in a new light and seeing this situation from all angles.

What your Angels & Guides want you to know
Right now you have an opportunity to open to a freedom that allows you to forgive yourself of self-judgement. There is beautiful energy of wisdom in muddy waters allowing the lotus to bloom. You are worth loving. You see the source energy in others when you see it in yourself. You are being led to lead.

Pile #2 Petalite

Pink Petalite: This stone is high-vibin’ and assists with channeling energy of knowledge through you and into your environment. It holds compassionate energy that calls in angels. This stone is a good one for ancestral healing, moving to the core of a karmic event and healing that karma by bringing energy back to balance from before the karmic / traumatic dynamics occurred. Petalite is effective for cord-cutting and physically helps with endocrine system, stress relief, fear & worry, cells, eyes, and lungs.

A time to choose. Instead of bringing others in on a project, this is a solo sitch. At least for now. This is about you choosing one thing over another and making a choice or decision based on your energy, what inspires you, and what you energetically need in this moment.. not so much about others’ needs first as your own..

Taking a breather about things that you’re wanting to manifest and really evaluate what makes you uber excited. It’s a time to hold off on ocd-style keeping track of what orders you’ve sent out to the Universe, and totally get still. Call in what makes your heart sing. Doing this will energetically send a signal out to those who share your vision, your Truth, and your calling.. Your wishes come true when you know what you truly want to wish for! You’re safe to make these calls to the Universe, you’re safe to make changes to the calls you’ve previously made.

The things that hold you back right now have more to do with not being clear in your ask, your desire, and then how to commit. You do have the power to stand in, so go ahead and take a moment to get clear on what you want. It is safe to hold on to your resources right now while you evaluate the climate, the atmosphere, the changes, the energy around you. You are doing your own recon, and that is all in alignment. Be cautious about how you talk to yourself while doing this internal research.. be kind to you.

Taking a break with the outgoing resources (time, energy, effort, love, money, information, education, etc.. anything that is a resource) is a good call right now. Don’t worry about being practical when diving deep into your consciousness and channeling what inspires you. Let it flow.

What your Angels & Guides want you to know
There are some deep places within yourself that are coming back online for you. You are sensitive to your surroundings, the people you surround yourself with and the energy in the ethers. This is sparking your calling, your soul purpose, in ways that have yet to be brought to the surface. You’ve got more to do!

Pile #3 Avalonite / Blue Chalcedony

Avalonite / Blue Chalcedony: Brings neutrality to triggering situations and experiences. This stone is known for linking ancient wisdom and unseen faerie realms. It enhances visualization, helping you to see the “unseen.” Avalonite holds High-Priestess energy and helps you to see your Truth, opening your heart to your magickal Self.

There is a HUGE theme of a rebirth here, not just a rebirth, but an ending that constitutes a rebirth. There is a surprise element here as well as you pursuing something without a clear path just yet. A leap of faith to be vulnerable, in this case, it seems that you may be drawn to something or someone you don’t know much about, but have a strong pull to pursue it.

You’ve got the Queen of Swords reversed twice. This is some doubling down of not being completely aligned with your intention. Perhaps you don’t know what your intention is when it comes to this pursuing just yet. That’s okay. This spread is about wrapping it up, tying up loose ends and bringing something full circle so that you can move forward. I will say this.. If you move forward without tying up the loose ends first, or bringing that thing full circle, you will have to go back and do it anyway. Also, you’re not going to miss what is meant for you, so don’t feel like you’re going to miss the boat by cleaning things up.

There is action in going after what draws you and action in dropping things that don’t serve you at this time. There can be some grieving with letting things go and leaving things for the past, yet there’s a strong direction forward into the future and across a threshold into the new. It’s even a feeling of moving through a portal. There is celebration or reverence of the past.

What your Angels & Guides want you to know
Even if you’re not clear now, clarity is coming to the surface in a big way. You will have it, even though nothing seems black and white right now in this moment. Closing something out to pursue something that your heart wants is ultimately freeing. Moving toward more of what you’re dreaming about, what your heart is yearning for, brings you that connection.





Is the Wisdom of a Fool Freedom?

Is Eve a Fool or a Planetary Grid Keeper of Truth?

I’ve been reading about Guinevere in the Arthurian tales as an archetype of Eve, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Divine Birth Priestesses. As with Mary Magdalene, Guinevere’s feminine power was snatched from her through misrepresentation. She was made to appear to anyone who read her stories as someone of ill repute and character.

In fact, in her take, Marguerite Rigoglioso, suggests that Arthur and Guinevere were part of sacred marriage that was being thwarted in an overarching agenda to disempower society through programs of misery. Eve, it seems, simply chose the red pill.

Rigoglioso teaches about restoring the sacred marriage template, it’s fascinating. I’m loving this take on stories we’ve all heard, with a completely different overview; a feminine empowering rather than blame and guilt and shame, that ultimately starts a wheel of infinite spin, karma. Being trapped in its stories is part of how we interact with different dimensions.

It seems, as an example, gamers are creating dimensions and realities all the time. We all are with anything we’re pouring energy into and directing our focus. When we put energy into a thought form (a game, or a symbol, like Reiki symbols) they become stronger and stronger. The more you think about the thing or the more people involved with the same thoughts think about their common goal.. the stronger it gets. Thoughts are powerful, they are things, they manifest.

The same is true when we continue telling the stories of disempowered Divine Priestesses through generations. Those codes, those story codes, like DNA, filter through into our energy, into our timelines, and into our ways of understanding the world. Divine Priestesses forget they’re Divine when they’re told so often they’re not, or that they’re exactly the opposite.

We’re Here Reclaiming What We’ve Forgotten, Not Lost

“The primary sacred marriage is within oneself. Becoming whole in and of yourself. You can’t be in a sacred marriage without having the sacred marriage within yourself. Your relationship with a partner will reflect harmony based on the degree that you have achieved sacred marriage within yourself.”—Marguerite Rigoglioso

The wisdom of the Fool.. I’ve always felt the Fool in Tarot is the most self-actualized, actually. He goes through the cycle of life, all the way around the wheel, has faith in the Universe, and begins again, with the eyes of the Buddha. or is this karmic cycle just going on and on because he won’t disembark? Why does he keep going? I truly believe his Higher-Self is waiting for the portal of breakthrough, choosing to no longer be shrouded from what is authentically real. His own Truth.

Bask in Your Light, Goddess.

Beltane Message, Matching Energy, and the Crystalline Grid of You

Last night was Star Goddess. We’re doing a deep dive into our natal charts, and checking out Sabian symbols that correlate with the degrees represented in our cosmic snap. It was amazing to me that we had some same degrees/Sabian symbols pop up. There are 29 Sabian symbols for each zodiac sign.. That means there are 348 of them. We had at least 6 matching in a small group. It’s amazing to me how matching energy shows up around us, in our circles and our synchronicities.

I always feel like the circle that gathers has formed for reasons beyond the obvi, even when we’re not aware of what those reasons are in the moment. No random here. No coincidences, only synchronicities.

Groups form and change, you can end up crossing paths, being stuck in an elevator, in the same traffic or class or school or… it’s all connected. We magnetize one another because we match frequency. We’re working out our patterns, becoming experts at those themes, and we’re doing it together, streaming consciousness and mirrors.

We are all crystals on a grid

I’m all about Reiki Crystal Grids, healing with energy, distance healing with intention, and connecting with the Universal grids in the astrals and in and around the planet. I see us as souls venturing into this life with our soul pod, the group of souls we travel through lives with. That soul pod can be incarnated on Earth at the same time we are or hang out as our guides while we’re running 3D. We may meet some of our incarnated soul pod throughout our lives or we may not, and they’re just here at the same time we are in another location on Earth.

I see us deciding as lightworkers, before we journey through, how to create crystalline formations on the planet before we even get here. The crystalline grid of you is activated through fascia and energy centers. When we feel urgency to move to another country, state or place down the street, it’s because the crystal grid of our soul pod is moving around into a different formation or a new area that needs this energy. When you unexpectedly go on a trip or vacation or end up somewhere you weren’t expecting, there is purpose. You are activating and lighting up that place.. or you’re being activated.

I unexpectedly went on a trip to the southern hemisphere a few years ago. I was glad to go, though it was so strange to me that I would be going across the world to this place when I am more drawn to other locations. Later when I returned I realized the whole purpose of my going had to do with where I needed to be at a particular time in space for my soul pod grid-work. It was also the place where I got this crazy-special Pounamu jade heart that has been more healing and transcendent (transcendence through neutrality) than I had imagined.

Part of what made this trip strange to me was that it was super triggering. I was being shown unconsciousness embodied, trauma, and what it can look like in other people who are in different states of survival; how people protect themselves, how they learn to protect themselves, or try to control others because they feel out of control, and what that creates in personalities, what it looks like in 3D, in the environment. I wonder about what kind of karma or matching energy lined that whole experience up..

Beltane Message

I’m noticing more and more the people I am magnetized to, that are magnetized to me, the groups, the experiences, and how they change as my own energy, thoughts, and beliefs change. The more I see the patterns that brought me to my present-time timeline, the more the old energy dissipates, heals, and releases. The more I become my own Beltane Fire, the more connected I feel with life and in flow with the Universe.

“No geographical location can heal your life. You are You wherever you go.” —from Flaked

Home is you, wherever you are. It reminds me of that saying, “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” I feel, though, there are magickal spots where you thrive because your crystalline grid of you lights up there. There are places where we feel more in ourselves, perhaps more grounded, purposeful, and connected. More at home. Places where the energy resonates so fully, you feel source within you differently. This Beltane, the realization of purpose came through strongly, and urgency or a feeling of the need to follow what you’re being drawn to, finding what deeply resonates with you, to surround yourself with what and who inspire you, what makes you feel alive. Your own fire. And suddenly you’ll find yourself matched and surrounded by others who have ignited their Beltane fires. The tribal fam is coming.


OneLove, OneFire,

This ends up being one of my favorite places

Oh How We Veer

It’s interesting to me our habits. The grooves we get into, the places we end up stopping by every day. Maybe sometimes without realizing it or not having a plan to do it, but you just drive through the Bucks (Rainbow’s word for Starbucks. And she knows why we’re there.. she knows it’s pupcup time.) or BRB (again Rainbow’s term for Button Rock Bakery), or that place that one time when we were getting that thing.

What makes us think of certain things, what reminds us of how we want to be, what we want, who we are. Who we were. How these things change, these places change, how and when we veer to a new place. A different one, and for what reason.. The things that become part of our life. What we allow in and whom we allow access.

There’s a place in Lafayette that has someone who is unhappy working there. They seem to have a lot of anger, and we literally avoid it in the afternoons because he’s there and he just makes everyone pissy! (Clear your space, ground, blow pics, yatta yatta [and I don’t mean that in a minimizing way, those tools keep me sane], but sometimes, take yourself out of a shitay sitch and find a place that feels not just better, but Divine.)

So we veered to BRB. And now we go there at a time in the day when we wouldn’t have before. What a river, you know? Drifting. What a flow in another direction because it feels better. Because we evolved. Because it makes more sense, because we match that energy more than we match the pissy energy.

The Goddess Archetype personifies Divine Feminine Wisdom, nurturing, strength, power, sensuality, alignment. The Shadow of the Goddess has more to do with not feeling a sense of worth and then that reflects out as Mean girls, cattiness, aloofness, passive-aggressiveness, power struggles, being judgy, misrepresenting, triangulation, and all the manipulative things. The shadow is freaking exhausting and draining. To be that way, or to deal with someone being that way. Managing that, juggling it, bending for it to feel less awkward, is not sustainable.

You quest the way you like to quest, I will quest the way I like to quest. 

Finding your flow, where your energy matches, where it feels good, it seems a waste of time to be anywhere else than where you belong. And you belong in a place where you feel safe, empowered, supported, and loved for being exactly who you are.

Find your favorite places, Goddess,





The Evolved Scapegoat Goddess

For any Scapegoat ever.. This story is for you.

Coming of age in the Royal Fam from Harry’s perspective: Spare

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days. The sky is finally blue, I often don’t do well when it’s overcast. I had to clear my schedule this time around for lots of rest.. so I decided to listen to Prince Harry’s new book, Spare. He was the narrator, making it all the more enticing. The inflections in his voice were just as telling as the words he was speaking.

I have no doubt there was a ghostwriter involved, organizing and crafting, but Harry tells his story in a way that is quite believable. I felt throughout the whole account there was actually so much more, but how do you simmer it all down to a digestible read/listen? I think that’s part of what happened there.

The other part is, this guy isn’t a saint and is a product of his upbringing. He doesn’t want to add too much that is unbecoming (though he doesn’t deflect partying, etc.), but there’s also an agenda here. That being said, what he’s saying and doing seems to be speaking his truth and acting on it, taking himself (and his family) out of an abusive situation, seeing from outside the royal bubble, and finally using the media for his benefit rather than being the media-scapegoat his family set him up to be.

Hard to wrap my head around, the Spare is the runner up should anything happen to the heir.. but he also said it’s an understanding he’s had from his very beginning: if a kidney was needed, bone marrow, or anything of the sort, he was the spare part.

He also very much seemed to be the one used to distract the media away from anyone else’s life around him. The underlying theme: being misrepresented and not stood up for. Not protected. In fact, dropped in the fire, offered up to the wolves.

It was heart-wrenching to hear. Another underlying theme was how his mother died being chased by paparazzi and how the paparazzi affected his whole life, chasing him, stalking him, and anyone close to him. The dangerous side rather than the glamorous side of fame. How he often felt fear, especially after he had a partner he was worried about, and children. His whole perspective about Paparazzi was the life-threatening aspect of how they didn’t care how they retrieved pictures. They didn’t stop, even when Princess Diana’s car crashed and she was not moving inside. They continued to snap pictures through the windows. It’s pretty eerie.

What’s so striking to me too, is this stream of consciousness of hierarchy. That someone is so much more somehow, that it’s fascinating to know more about them, their private life. I was fascinated to read this book. Had someone else written it, who was not Prince Harry, would I have cared? Or even heard about it?

Initially I felt like this guy was a frat-boy-kinda dude. Uninteresting to me. But, as I suspect the agenda was, it pulled me in and created a deeper perspective on what was going on with this person from the time he was young 11, when his mom died, to how he was trained to believe he wasn’t smart, less smart, less special than his brother, and that he was a royal disappointment. He had trauma that was never dealt with (until he was an adult) and then he went into military training cutting off even more emotional connection with his trauma and unresolved grief.

His scapegoat journey was relatable: having to figure things out for himself, having to rely on himself and his own intuition, even when he wanted to believe the best of situations that were not good for him. The best of people who were not looking out for him. Having a hard time believing that people who were supposed to love him, were using him as a.. spare.. or someone to blame, even in ridiculous or irrational circumstances.

When someone has to remove themselves from family, there’s a reason. And the first go-to that the perps of scapegoating try to admonish is, “You must be crazy.” It’s spellbinding to see this over and over in stories, in this story, in history, in women’s history. And then, ever so eventually, the Truth comes out. But by then, the evolved scapegoat is long gone, boundaried-up, living their best life. Once you know, you can’t unknow. There’s a fine line between seeing the matrix of dysfunctional dynamics and continuing to live magickly, but oh so possible.

Any Evolved-Scapegoat Goddesses out there, Here’s to your Truth,