Goddess Reiki Share Healing & Insights October 2015

halloween goddess reikiHealing with new moon in Libra and the full moon in Taurus

This month’s energy is asking us to acknowledge and connect with what you’re integrating, what wants to be integrated, and what you’ve become aware of through your shadow self.

What do you notice that you judge in others that, when you remember to be aware, you are actually hard on yourself about?

Shadow work that I’m integrating right now has to do with recognizing when the behavior of others is spiteful or mean, it’s more about them feeling unaccepted somehow. And I realize, sometimes perhaps unaccepted by me.

When I am judgmental it’s about me not feeling accepted around something. For me, it seems to be about the need to be perfect, or not feeling like I can be loved if I’m not perfect. I judge someone’s clothes, for instance, projecting—because what it comes down to is that I feel like if I’m not dressed appropriately I’m worthy of ridicule… By being dressed inappropriately I’m putting myself in a space where I asked for it. I dress badly therefore you can hate me. What it comes down to, for me, is fear of being unloved.

The more aware of myself I am when I’m feeling judgmental and doing the judging, the more I recognize compassion for others. On some level, those who are judging are having fear of not being loved.

When I’m feeling judged it’s the same… but harder! I try and place myself in the “judger’s” point of reference and begin to see what it is they are hard on themselves about and what is leading them to be judgmental. And then I try to connect with the true origin of their suffering.

Just before I turned 40 I had a conversation with someone that I was attempting to reconcile a relationship with. I brought up some things that had hurt me and wanted to work through them. The recipient was not in the same place and not ready to do any work around healing our relationship.

He said, “You’re old! You’re going to be 40! You’re old! Get over it!” referring to the things that I was deeply hurt about. I realized in that moment that he was very afraid of being old. I don’t have that hang up in that way. He was trying to hurt me or be spiteful, but he gave himself away in his judgment. We all do.

We introduced our loved ones into the circle for our Day of the Dead memorial. 

I introduced my mom on the Distance Reiki grid to honor her and send her Reiki energy and love. I brought her picture and a turquoise skull bead I got in Jerome AZ, our last trip there together. There was a turning point in our relationship that day. I sent healing energy to our relationship and to her on her journey where she is now.

I focused energy from the Distance Reiki Grid to those we acknowledged in memorial and to those who seem to be difficult to heal with unless it’s in the astrals.

Thank you wonderful Goddesses! Beautiful night, beautiful healing! Wonderful Self-reflections!



Card of the Day — More Research is Needed

10.15.15 Card of the DayCard of the Day — Don’t jump ship or dive in just yet…

From Doreen’s #magicalfairies deck—looks like it’s not quite time to jump into action! Stay put. Do some healing around the decision. Look at different outcomes and paths to get there. Ask others what they have done before you. Are you complete with this agreement? Is there more to do? #cardoftheday #padmes

New Moon Energy — New Moon Goddess Sedna

Sedna10/14/15 The last day of new moon energy this cycle and ‪#‎Sedna‬ emerged from ‪#‎susanseddonboulet‬ ‘s Goddesses Deck. A new moon Goddess, perhaps more of the dark moon—with all the Jung shadow work I’ve been intrigued by lately, synchronistic that she would appear. A tragic story of patriarchal betrayal symbolic of the places within ourselves that we most fear. What shadows can you integrate today? ‪#‎padmes‬ ‪#‎goddesses‬ ‪#‎tarot‬

Goddess Reiki Share Healing & Insights September 2015

September 2015 GRSFall Equinox, new moon in Virgo and full moon in Aries

This month’s energies are asking you to look at what you’re celebrating and, more deeply, why? What experiences have you taken wisdom from that have brought you joy and what of this will you use for the future or planning of the future?


I must say, I’m celebrating the magic of life. Chris and I were in what the police call an animal collision on the new moon eclipse. We had just come from a wonderful day trip to Leadville to take engagement photos for our family. We stopped at a restaurant before we headed back down in the dark.

We were going very fast, and the highway was full of traffic surrounding us. We were in one of the middle lanes of a 4-lane highway. There was no time to swerve, and that was probably a good thing in hindsight. There was highway in front of us and then there was a giant elk face and body and antlers and then there was slow motion. The impact seemed big, but nothing seemed real at that point.

The airbags were instant, there was powder in the air, we couldn’t see anything, glass everywhere, the whole windshield was concave. There was a perfect circle in the windshield by Chris where an antler had made it’s way straight through. I can barely think about how close it was from Chris. It missed him.

When we pulled ourselves together the first thing Chris said was, “This is so sad.” It was sad. The huge elk wasn’t found by the police who looked to make sure he was off of the road. He wasn’t on either side of the highway when they searched.

We were ok. Chris drove blindly to the side of the road until we hit the side rail because we couldn’t see out of the front windshield. No one hit us while doing this, which is also amazing. The police said they couldn’t believe we were walking away from this, or that the collision didn’t cause a pile up in all that traffic. Two people stopped to see if we needed help before the police got there.

Our insurance company wanted to get all the details. It was difficult to hear them on the phone with all the traffic racing by. Chris and I went back and forth on the phone and talking to the police. Finally got the tow truck. Got home. We were safe.

It’s hard to not get comfortable with the normalcy of life around you.

We forget that we’re precious and temporary and that everything is. The wisdom I’m taking for the planning of future is about going after what I’ve been dreaming about. No time like the present. You never know when you’re going to be catapulted into another dimension! Stop postponing! Dive Deep and do it now. Love with your whole heart.

Thank you for another beautiful night, Goddesses!



Goddess Reiki share Healing & Insights July 2015

Goddess Reiki Share July 2015Full moon in Capricorn, new moon in Cancer, full moon in Aquarius!

This month’s energy is asking us to acknowledge and connect with what empowers our Truth-Self—light side and Shadow side. It calls us to make peace with our inner selves. Self-healing, brings that peace inward to you, and then to the world.

What have you done for yourself this month, or what are you thinking of doing for yourself this month that empowers you? What is a shadow part of yourself that you’re going to make friends with, work on healing, or accepting?

I have been very much conjuring interactions lately that touch on victim energy I’ve had from childhood. Instead of shunning her, I’m embracing her. I asked her, what the hell is up with all of this? But more so, what the hell do you need to heal?

The answer was: I need to feel like I’m empowered. In order to feel empowered, I need to be in my zone. It’s the part of myself that forgets there are others around me who judge, or tell me what I’m doing, feeling, and saying is right or wrong, and instead feels at One with everything.

  • It’s in deep meditation,
  • it’s by doing readings,
  • Self-healing and Reiki
  • It’s by planning travel and being able to dream about that travel —getting ready for it: and enjoy it, breathe it in when the time finally arrives when we make the trip.

That’s what I’m practicing and putting my energy into. Placing myself in touch with my Truth-Self that Is strong and solid. And aligned. Being in my zone.

Thank you beautiful Goddesses!