Rehabilitating into Sacred Connection

The Cycle of the Cave and the Sun

I received a lot of feedback from the energy-of-the-day Tarot reading yesterday and I feel like there’s a collective that shares a flow revolving around building this year. I feel like 2023 may be a “rehab year,” in that after combined and individual situations of devastation in the past few years, and then cave time to get safe again, we’re coming back out into the sun to build up the muscles, the strength, things that have perhaps weakened, and alignment with our personal power again.

Things we have let go that were part of our lives, like parts of our spirituality, self-healing, self-care, art, things we love to do, or gathering even, are all things that we’re stepping back into. I’ve had lots of people describe to me how they’re so hard on themselves for not being consistent or embodying Reiki or a certain belief: walking the talk, so to speak. Feelings of guilt and shame for falling away from their path of consciousness into survival or self-soothing that turned into longer unhealthy patterns.

Hear me now, Goddesses. We ebb and flow. Cave time is needed. As much as masculine energy: doing energy and producing energy, is needed, it is not sustainable without cave time. The ebb and flow is real and valid and valuable. Guilt and shame, however, are not. It is so important that we allow ourselves the ebb and flow and the cycle of the cave and the sun.

It may be time to move back into that stream of consciousness that builds, energizes, and feels personally powerful once again. That doesn’t mean it happens overnight. It also doesn’t mean that it looks the same as it did before. And that may be a good thing. It happens through self-acceptance and evaluating your environment, your needs (which may have changed and evolved, I know mine have), and what you truly desire. It happens through new ways of deciding to do something, moving your body, eating for frequency, living with intention. How do you want to feel? What do you want to spend more time thinking about because it absolutely fascinates you? Let’s do that :)

Moving into the thought process of acting through conscious motivations is a way to start. What do you want to spend your time doing? Who do you want to spend your time with? What kind of relationships do you want to build with partners and friends and food and your Higher-Self and your guides and how you see the world? Evaluating these things and then beginning to make moves that are in line with those desires. We have time.

So much love to you in your process of journeying into 2023. We, as OneLove, are moving back to our sacred connection.


Today’s Tarot Messages • Magickal Magpie

🤍🤍🤍Our messages today look like they revolve around cultivating energy. we have lots of wands, which I just heard as arrows, 4 majors, a Queen, and overturned cups. There are several places of stop-and-go energy. We have the Sun and the Moon showing up together, which means strongly things that were hidden come to light. Your intuition is bangin. And if something has illuminated for you already, that’s not all.. there’s more.

We have the Chariot reversed. I just heard “Path to nowhere.” This can be devastating, or at least disappointing, though I feel like this happened in the past, not recently. The energy now is Queen of Wands energy. She knows what to do, how to manifest, and how to direct energy. It looks like she’s specifically directing energy to these overturned cups.


Sometimes when we see the 2 of Cups reversed, it’s upsetting, sad, “oh no!” but today I’m feeling like this is a goal. All the arrows/wands. This is about energy and where we direct our energy. These overturned cups are reminding the Queen what her goals are and what they are not. She’s staying consciously focused. She’s the one who overturned these cups. She said, “No more.”


There was a time of cognitive dissonance and shock, getting back into the body and getting familiar with life again. Then caving for a time. Being in the body, but not moving, causing issues with flow, but NOW the Queen is back.


We have victory with the 6 of wands. Placing Self back on the pedestal where she belongs. Rebuilding victory from when it was reversed with the Chariot in the past. This feels almost like when there’s an injury and you heal and rehabilitate. More comes to light from a wound that you’re rehabbing.


There’s a threshold that needs to be crossed through for a rite of passage, and it’s almost here. A personal Truth will shine on you, a new passionate understanding, way of life, and path direction. You drop anything that’s been holding you back from that past wrong turn and walk right into the Sun. You’ve come out of the cave and into the Light. I love this reading today. #youaretheoracle #taroteveryday #magickalmagpie 🤍🤍🤍

Working with the Flow of the Moon

The moon moved into Aries this morning at 1:36am MST, about an hour after Mercury went retro. I’m up super early and thinking about all the things I could be doing, and at the same time wondering if I should go back to sleep. That might be the epitome of Aries and Mercury energy for me right now. I have Jupiter in Aries in my second house. Initiated things come together if I put action to them. And when that initiation seems inspired, it practically rolls out by itself. I’m just the conduit so-to-speak. Ritual is important in my life when it comes to making structure. It seems too that when I’m self-motivated, that’s when I see things come into fruition.

April 1st, April Fool’s Day this year, I built a labyrinth (the Cho Ku Rei, the Reiki power symbol) in the back yard. I felt like the new moon being in Aries that day was powerful and important in that creation. I was suddenly inspired and hardly had the idea before gathering bricks and branches and moving them into formation. It seemed inspired, like I was on autopilot. I don’t know how long it took, or when I started, I just knew when it was complete. My body came to stillness, and it was done. Building it was a meditation. It’s been the place I go every morning since, walking the labyrinth when the sun comes up… unless it snows all night, like last night—on the days I can’t walk it, I miss it.

It’s configured in the feminine spiral, so it goes down into the earth where I’ve set the Violet Flame. Past energy and old will left in this vortex goes right down to the center of the earth into the Violet Flame to be transmuted. I think it’s been the most healing ritual for me to date. In the summer the hot air balloons float above the fields behind the house and over the Cho Ku Rei. I wonder about how the vortex feels from up there.

The Fool’s journey, April Fool’s Day, wasn’t lying. I’ve been thinking a lot about quantum tunneling lately. It’s like remote viewing, but creating energetic pathways to the places you’re seeing. It happens when you’re aware of it, and when you’re not. Sitting in the Cho Ku Rei, so many pathways have opened, seemingly to different worlds. Getting grounded, centered, and neutral, doors open, movement begins, and suddenly I find myself in the Elbrus volcano with giants and Greek gods. Though it’s considered dormant, it seems to have lots of activity. Being part of something so far away physically, having this awareness of it, changed how I view existence. Many don’t believe it this way, but I feel we are freer than we realize. I see we have more autonomy and interdimentional dexterity than anyone ever taught me growing up.

I feel like today with fiery Aries and reflective Mercury Retro energy, it may be time to resurrect some unfinished projects and plans and do a bit of recon. What wants to come through me? What wants to be created? What momentum is there for creation when it’s ready to light into action? It seems like today’s energy is about contemplation. It even looks like opening dusty books and having epiphanies about long-ago times. Maybe even lifetimes ago.

Happy Retro Navigating, Goddess!

The Manifesting Magnet of Heart-Coherence

Living from the tiny Space within the Sacred Space of the Heart

Today Quantum Goddess Frequency Training is about healing, validating, and activating the Anahata, the Heart Chakra. I’m amazed that there are brain-like cells in the heart that create a neural pathway, intelligence in the heart space, and how it connects with the mind. Brain-like cells that are not in the brain! They think independently of the brain. It makes sense that working through trauma can’t only be mindful work, but heart-centered work because experiences resonate in both places, the mind and the heart.

I feel like we can move so quickly through life that we sometimes endure a lot or bare through situations, instead of feeling the freeness of life-energy in an experience flowing through us. Cultivating the energy of appreciation is powerful magick. The feeling of reverence, feeling grateful or lucky or feeling an awareness of deep satisfaction and safety in a moment creates heart-coherence.

Positive emotions channel your heart rhythms into coherence. This coherence is the state where the heart, mind, emotions, and immune, hormonal, and nervous systems are all in sync and functioning in balance together. The more you consciously drop into coherence in your heart space, the more this frequency lingers in your space. You can build it.

When the body feels safe, when it breathes slowly, it’s an emotional trigger that frees the rejuvenating and innate healing chemistry in the body because the stress and survival chemistry is not needed. When we’re in a state of safety, heart-coherence, we experience the heart portal. A door opens in the heart. You can ask it anything.

When you’re in a state of coherence, you’re freed from polarity and your heart will speak your Wholeness, your Truth. Your heart knows you. It will answer you for your greatest outcomes. Not only can you trust yourself for the right answer for you in any given moment, when you’re in a state of heart-coherence, gratitude, you are naturally manifesting your most benevolent outcomes.

Cultivating reverence in your field as a practice will build heart-coherence. The more you do it, the stronger it gets. The more you practice and place your awareness on what you have deep appreciation for already, what you find truly good in your life and around you, what you have reverence for, the more the energy builds in your field, the stronger the awakening of magnetic consciousness.

The practice is thinking about these things of reverence and then moving from the mind to the heart: feeling the emotion of the reverence for that thing you’re so in love with. You can write those things, talk to those things and tell them you love them, that you’re grateful, or you can be in the stillness of the feeling of appreciation for those things. When you do this every day, even for moments, you blast heart energy within you and through you. Your energy magnetizes more of what you are radiating.

And the more you do this the stronger it gets.

Where you place your attention is powerful. It is Divine.


Aligning with Capricorn Light • Capricorn Season

How to Resonate with the Momentum of the Season
(December 22-January 19)

Welcome to Capricorn Season, Goddesses!

With all that I’ve been reading lately, I see that the New Year is not comin’ in hot so much as it’s moseying in.. So hitting the ground running isn’t mandatory during this year’s transition into the new. However, I’ve been soaking in this Capricorn energy and loving it.

I’ve been giving myself permission to be more mindful of how my body is asking me to focus. Somehow, moving slowly, brainstorming is more like daydreaming (that’s my Pisces bits) with the intentions of organizing and planning forward, and It’s working for me! I feel like the flow right now is moving some things into place, creating guides and parameters so we can get conscious with where we’re directing traffic (the chaos of drama) and where we’re placing our attention.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our attention. Our attention is Divine. When I think of my attention as being Divine, I realize how powerful it is, how we bless a thing any time we send our attention to it. We co-create with it. We build with it. We energize places, we bring back moments in our memories and give life back to them, we give power to the future when we think ahead and direct our attention there. I say this a lot, our most powerful space, is our present-time timeline. We are our most powerful healers in our present-time.

Capricorn can hold high standards for others and themselves. They hold this energy because they know what they want, they know who they are, they have a strong sense of Self. Stepping into the Capricorn season flow, I’m stepping into what I know, what I know about myself, what I know through experience. What I desire because of what I am in this moment as a result of everything I’ve been part of, everything I’ve experienced, everything that has gifted me with wisdom.

It reminds me of when we wonder or ask what our purpose is.. I’ve felt strongly that our purpose is to be in a physical body vibrating at the frequency we are. That’s it. You got here and you’re doin’ it! What that question really is, is how can I feel connected to Source? I feel like our mission is to figure out what would make us feel most connected! The most joyful, satisfied, content, empowered, aligned. Taking time to contemplate that with Cap momentum has already felt expansive. What do you want? What do you desire in your life that feels the way you do when you’re connected with Source? And apparently, we have time to contemplate this.

Mercury Retro is upon us.. starting December 29th and going through mid-January, the 18th. Go slow, take your time, contemplate. As my Unicorn Astrologer said, “Make friends with this energy. What is it asking of you?” Look at some hard things and some not-so-challenging and reevaluate what you want to manifest this year. What energy do you want to cultivate? How do you want to feel? And then shimmy in, Goddess!