Aligning with Capricorn Light • Capricorn Season

How to Resonate with the Momentum of the Season
(December 22-January 19)

Welcome to Capricorn Season, Goddesses!

With all that I’ve been reading lately, I see that the New Year is not comin’ in hot so much as it’s moseying in.. So hitting the ground running isn’t mandatory during this year’s transition into the new. However, I’ve been soaking in this Capricorn energy and loving it.

I’ve been giving myself permission to be more mindful of how my body is asking me to focus. Somehow, moving slowly, brainstorming is more like daydreaming (that’s my Pisces bits) with the intentions of organizing and planning forward, and It’s working for me! I feel like the flow right now is moving some things into place, creating guides and parameters so we can get conscious with where we’re directing traffic (the chaos of drama) and where we’re placing our attention.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our attention. Our attention is Divine. When I think of my attention as being Divine, I realize how powerful it is, how we bless a thing any time we send our attention to it. We co-create with it. We build with it. We energize places, we bring back moments in our memories and give life back to them, we give power to the future when we think ahead and direct our attention there. I say this a lot, our most powerful space, is our present-time timeline. We are our most powerful healers in our present-time.

Capricorn can hold high standards for others and themselves. They hold this energy because they know what they want, they know who they are, they have a strong sense of Self. Stepping into the Capricorn season flow, I’m stepping into what I know, what I know about myself, what I know through experience. What I desire because of what I am in this moment as a result of everything I’ve been part of, everything I’ve experienced, everything that has gifted me with wisdom.

It reminds me of when we wonder or ask what our purpose is.. I’ve felt strongly that our purpose is to be in a physical body vibrating at the frequency we are. That’s it. You got here and you’re doin’ it! What that question really is, is how can I feel connected to Source? I feel like our mission is to figure out what would make us feel most connected! The most joyful, satisfied, content, empowered, aligned. Taking time to contemplate that with Cap momentum has already felt expansive. What do you want? What do you desire in your life that feels the way you do when you’re connected with Source? And apparently, we have time to contemplate this.

Mercury Retro is upon us.. starting December 29th and going through mid-January, the 18th. Go slow, take your time, contemplate. As my Unicorn Astrologer said, “Make friends with this energy. What is it asking of you?” Look at some hard things and some not-so-challenging and reevaluate what you want to manifest this year. What energy do you want to cultivate? How do you want to feel? And then shimmy in, Goddess!

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