The Manifesting Magnet of Heart-Coherence

Living from the tiny Space within the Sacred Space of the Heart

Today Quantum Goddess Frequency Training is about healing, validating, and activating the Anahata, the Heart Chakra. I’m amazed that there are brain-like cells in the heart that create a neural pathway, intelligence in the heart space, and how it connects with the mind. Brain-like cells that are not in the brain! They think independently of the brain. It makes sense that working through trauma can’t only be mindful work, but heart-centered work because experiences resonate in both places, the mind and the heart.

I feel like we can move so quickly through life that we sometimes endure a lot or bare through situations, instead of feeling the freeness of life-energy in an experience flowing through us. Cultivating the energy of appreciation is powerful magick. The feeling of reverence, feeling grateful or lucky or feeling an awareness of deep satisfaction and safety in a moment creates heart-coherence.

Positive emotions channel your heart rhythms into coherence. This coherence is the state where the heart, mind, emotions, and immune, hormonal, and nervous systems are all in sync and functioning in balance together. The more you consciously drop into coherence in your heart space, the more this frequency lingers in your space. You can build it.

When the body feels safe, when it breathes slowly, it’s an emotional trigger that frees the rejuvenating and innate healing chemistry in the body because the stress and survival chemistry is not needed. When we’re in a state of safety, heart-coherence, we experience the heart portal. A door opens in the heart. You can ask it anything.

When you’re in a state of coherence, you’re freed from polarity and your heart will speak your Wholeness, your Truth. Your heart knows you. It will answer you for your greatest outcomes. Not only can you trust yourself for the right answer for you in any given moment, when you’re in a state of heart-coherence, gratitude, you are naturally manifesting your most benevolent outcomes.

Cultivating reverence in your field as a practice will build heart-coherence. The more you do it, the stronger it gets. The more you practice and place your awareness on what you have deep appreciation for already, what you find truly good in your life and around you, what you have reverence for, the more the energy builds in your field, the stronger the awakening of magnetic consciousness.

The practice is thinking about these things of reverence and then moving from the mind to the heart: feeling the emotion of the reverence for that thing you’re so in love with. You can write those things, talk to those things and tell them you love them, that you’re grateful, or you can be in the stillness of the feeling of appreciation for those things. When you do this every day, even for moments, you blast heart energy within you and through you. Your energy magnetizes more of what you are radiating.

And the more you do this the stronger it gets.

Where you place your attention is powerful. It is Divine.


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