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Meggin is the most intuitive, compassionate and genuine practitioner I have been to. I feel safe, held and completely at ease when I am with her. I always leave feeling better, maybe a bit tired from releasing old energy, but better. My life has improved tremendously because of my sessions with Meg.—KL Lafayette, CO
It’s always a pleasure to spend time with Meg as she uses Reiki and tarot cards to help facilitate healing, growth, and balance. I never leave a session without feeling refreshed, and learning something new. Meg is a powerful and intuitive Reiki practitioner, and it is apparent as soon as you walk through the door. Aside from her Reiki and tarot card readings, Meg is just downright awesome and I always look forward to seeing her just to catch up and spend some time with a truly wonderful person. Thanks Meg!—A., Boulder
Meggin from Padmes is truly a joy to work with! I’ve gotten several readings from her over the years and she’s always right on point with her advice. I’ve also taken a Reiki one course with her. I couldn’t imagine a better teacher. Her passion for her modality and desire to help people is contagious!—M., Boulder
Meggin is wonderfully intuitive and an amazing soul to share time with. She has been spot on so many times; I fully trust in her and her abilities. I highly recommend her services.—DBB, AZ
Meggin’s Reiki and reading sessions have helped me so much to connect more deeply to my inner wellbeing and to feel more deeply connected to source energy. Meggin’s manner is one of wisdom and confidence in herself as a Reiki Master and healer. She has a strong connection with her guides and helped me recognize my guides. I highly recommend Meggin, she conveys extraordinary knowledge and brings this in and helped me to make good decisions.— J., Longmont
I went to get Reiki healing and it was wonderful!!! I liked that Meggin was so vocal throughout the process about what information she was receiving and perceiving (you have the choice of no talking as well). I felt so light and carefree afterwards (not my usual self, but I do try to be more like that). Definitely felt the energy provided. A lot more awareness into myself and I feel that some things were released. It was an awesome experience and I would love to go regularly. Meggin is the perfect mix of professional and personal. Thank you so much, Meggin! —E.J., Boulder
My sincerest thanks for your kindness in sitting in a reading while away on a trip, and my deepest gratitude for the guidance, insight, and benefit you provide. You are truly a gift. —F, Louisville, CO
You were so accurate! My last reading makes perfect sense now. You are very gifted. —R, Boulder, CO
Your healing last night was a life memory I will never forget. I had an appetite for the first time in two weeks. Thank you so much. —A, Boulder, CO
I asked Meggin to energetically hold space when I needed help in doing my work. She was quite cognizant of the energies, managed them with ease and allowed me to feel confident as I tried a new approach with a client. I would recommed Meggin in any capacity as a spiritual reader/healer. —C, Boulder, CO
Meggin is an authentic, intuitive energy worker who is committed to helping people find solutions to challenges in their life. She is compassionate, non-judgemental, and really listens to her clients. Sometimes the best advice comes not from friends and family, but from someone who can help you access your own subconscious and intuitive thought processes.—V, Boulder, CO
Meggin is a sensitive and receptive healer. She has a profound intuition that guides her sessions. She is a caring and astute professional. —D, Boulder, CO
I totally can endorse Meggin as the beautiful reader and Reiki facilitator that she is. Her ability to hold the space for others is very beautiful and nurturing and the information and wisdom that she gave me was very focused and direct pertaining to my present experience. T, Lafayette, CO
Meggin is a truly gifted soul. She uses Reiki to intuitively target problem areas and assist healing energy to bring the “dis-ease” into balance. I have had a few sessions of Reiki with Meg and her healing hands assisted my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am on a more defined path and have set goals. I know this is due to the healing I have received from Meggin. If I have a question that I need guidance on, I completely trust Meggin to hash out the confusion and bring focus back into place. So whether it is healing you seek or an answer to a difficult question, Meggin can assist you in an accurate and professional manner.—C, Virginia
Meggin is an amazing person and spiritual healer. I’ve worked in the same office as her and have had a few sessions as well. She is extremely friendly, intuitive, and is outstanding at connecting people with higher realms. I highly recommend Meggin’s work.—L, Broomfield, CO
Meggin is a joy to be around and extremely intuitive. She always makes me feel wonderful after being around her. I always enjoy my time with her. I highly recommend her.—D, Phoenix, AZ
I have been blessed to be part of Meggin’s Reiki share for well over a year. The healing and safe environment Meg creates allows the healing energy of Reiki to flow freely to all participants. I would highly recommend Meg.—P, Broomfield, CO


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2 Responses to Client Love

  1. C, Boulder CO says:

    Meggin from Padmes is a truly gifted reader. She has a natural talent and enthusiasm to connect with people and share her thoughtful insights through reiki, readings and her goddess reiki share. I look forward to her card-of-the-day each morning!

  2. Megom says:

    Thank you, C! I love doing the cards of the day. I’m glad you enjoy them :)

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