Reiki Reading – Biomat Session

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Experience Reiki Bio-Mat sessions relaxing on a bed of heated amethyst. Eliminate EMFs from your field, take in Negative Ions to calm and soothe trauma in the nervous system while opening to receive Reiki healing from the inside out. Reiki dissipates any resistance that is keeping you stuck in old patterning. Find out what your guides have to say, how your energy is moving, and what your Higher-Self sees as your next steps to your greatest good during this session.

Usui, Violet Flame, Karuna Ki, and Kundalini Reiki are given while you relax on a Reiki table. During these sessions intuitive messages, guidance from your angels and guides, clairvoyant energy healing, and aura clearing flow together aligning you with the quantum field of light, bringing you back to blueprint health. Meg gently works with you to uncover your true Soul Path and clear energetic blocks keeping you from your Divine blueprint so that you can heal and reconnect with your Higher-Self and Spirit. Clients leave feeling lighter, having a sense of peaceful confidence and connection to Heart-Self.

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