Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher

One-on-One Reiki Training

Welcome to Violet Flame Reiki, Reiki Master!  This attunement training hones you into Violet Flame frequency for shifting long-term trauma and CPTSD that effect the nervous system and energetic field. This modality works to relieve CPTSD symptoms as well as release from the field the blocks and resistance that come along with trauma reaction in the body. You can use Violet Flame frequency and Violet Flame symbols in conjunction with the Reiki you’re already channeling.

In this training, we will be attuning to the Violet Flame frequency, learning the symbols, and using clairvoyant intention techniques to heal long-term trauma in our clients as well as in our own fields.

Violet Flame frequency holds the energy of transmutation

• It clears the way to define potential, power, and purpose
• Transmutes karma, cleanses or erases karmic debts
• Helps to channel energy, healing, and light-downloads
• Transmutes negative energy or energy that doesn’t match you into positive light
• Balances and activates the chakra system
• Opens clair and sentient abilities
• Opens communication with guides
• Clears telepathic channels
• Violet Flame energy helps to bring one to their own spiritual consciousness and higher self connection

We’ll be working with Ascended Masters who Hold Violet Flame Energy
St. Germain,  Lady Portia, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Zadkiel

Cost: $555

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master Teacher

To Schedule your training or for questions: [email protected] or Text: 623.229.9505

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