Truth-Self Connection Program

Become Attuned to Reiki • Learn Tarot • Do Shadow Work • See Your Truth Clairvoyantly

Truth-Self Connection™ Program: This is a 5-week series (in blocks of 3) where you journey into your Truth-Self, swan dive into energetic deprogramming, psychic tools that help you to ground and see the difference between your energy and someone else’s energy in your space. This program gets you in alignment with your Truth-Self and helps you live your authenticity every day.

The Truth-Self Connection program is very customized to fit your individual goals, as it is all about YOU!

It may include:

• Clairvoyant and intuitive activation and practice to hone self trust

• Shadow work with Tarot to deepen your inner connection and integrate your personality self with your higher self

• Reiki attunements for further self-healing and to clear the “psychic cobwebs”

• Yoga and mantra that focus your mind, body, and Spirit into alignment with your true self-empowerment

• Chakra healing work that clears energy that no longer serves your highest alignment

This journey brings you back to what is real to you. A place that you connect with to rediscover and find your center and purpose in this life.

This program is for those who are on a self-healing journey who have experienced challenges and resistance in their Spiritual progress, or are coming from emotional abuse and trauma from past relationships or unhealthy and sometimes impossible family dynamics. It is also for those who have that pull to balance and integrate their intuition with their everyday lives, using all of their knowledge—living through their authentic heart space.

Implementing shadow work, getting in touch with natural psychic abilities, and empowering yourself with energy work, you will learn to become aware of and release old patterns, traumas, and other people’s energy and old, out-dated energy from your personal space, finding peace at your heart’s center, your Truth-Self. When you can align with your Truth, you can stand in your own power once again, and be free.

If you think this program may be for you, and you have some questions or want to hear more, give me a call to talk further about what you are looking to release, your blocks and challenges, and what tools you are already using to self-heal. Together we’ll see if this is the best fit for you on your healing path.

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