Quantum Goddess Frequency Training

Stay spiritually hydrated, tuned in, and activated in your awareness with Quantum Goddess Frequency Training! —a monthly guided meditation call

New Series: Connecting with Our Most Important Guide: Your Higher-Self!

4th Wednesday of the Month • 9am-10am This call is recorded, so you can listen and re-listen any time! Workshop Cost: $15 Monthly Auto/PayPal This Month: April 24th Attuning with the Higher-Self as a Guide.
Get your Goddess on Here!

Cost: once-a-month autoPayPal $15.


The Quantum Frequency Training Call is a once-a-month recorded Zoom call on the 4th Wednesday of the month 9-10am. This is a 45-60-minute guided meditation that will focus on setting, grounding, and owning your space and energetic field for aligned manifestation and connection with your higher-self and Spirit Guides. It will also help you in the manifestation department! What you vibrate as your frequency you attract into your environment!

This call is for you

• If you’d like to to raise your frequency through energy connection & energy management

• If you’re interested in setting and holding space using Microcosmic Orbit Connection, connecting the mind and the heart, living from the Tiny Space within the Sacred Space of the Heart 

• If You’re a Reiki Master who would like to cultivate your healing energy

• If you would like to set powerful and magnetizing manifestation and abundance space!

During these calls we will be

• Raising your frequency to be in tune and in flow with the Universe

• Setting powerful and magnetizing manifestation and abundance space

• Grounding, cleaning and clearing our fields

• Connecting with guides

• Working with and aligning our Galactic Chakras

• and so much more!

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