Quantum Goddess Frequency Training Call

Stay spiritually hydrated, tuned in, and activated in your awareness with Quantum Goddess Frequency Training!

March — Spring Series
Healing Duality, Living Unbroken—Quantum Manifesting from the Space of Connection & Wholeness
We’re continuing to retrain our subconscious to align with the frequency that is most fulfilling to our unique patterns and raising our frequency to recalibrate the energy grid that is our field, magnetizing what matches our high-frequency field.
In this series we’ll be doing galactic chakra work, Healing from the inside out, Matching our highest potential, standing within our power (being aware of your personal field and having knowingness that it is sovereign and, in fact, yours!) and moving into living wholly integrated, uniting with the flow-state of the Universe, rather than living energetically compartmentalized. Manifesting from the space of wholeness.


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Cost: once-a-month autoPayPal $15.


The Quantum Frequency Training Call is a once-a-month recorded Zoom call on the 4th Wednesday of the month 9-10am. This is a 45-60-minute guided meditation that will focus on setting, grounding, and owning your space and energetic field for aligned manifestation and connection with your higher-self and Spirit Guides. It will also help you in the manifestation department! What you vibrate as your frequency you attract into your environment!

This call is for anyone who

• Wants to raise their frequency through energy connection.
• Attended the Be the Life Force Generator Workshop
• Are interested in setting and holding space using Microcosmic Orbit Connection, connecting the mind and the heart, living from the Tiny Space within the Sacred Space of the Heart (Drunvalo Melchizedek)
• Are Reiki Master Teachers who want to prepare their vessel to pass attunements
• Wants to set powerful and magnetizing manifestation and abundance space!

During these calls we will be

• Working on our Microcosmic orbit connection
• Connecting the mind and the heart, Living from the Heart (Drunvalo Melchizedek)
• Raising your frequency to be in tune and in flow with the Universe
• These calls are perfect training for Reiki Master Teachers who want to prepare for passing attunements
• We’ll set powerful and magnetizing manifestation and abundance space
• We’ll be grounding, cleaning and clearing our fields
• Connecting with guides
• Working from our 8th Chakras in our Neutral Space to get information from our higher selves and our akasha
• Working with and aligning our Galactic Chakras
• and so much more!



Get your Goddess on Here!

Cost: once-a-month autoPayPal $15.



I’m looking forward to raising our frequencies and aligning together, Goddesses!



PS: If you cannot be on the call at the designated time, it is being recorded. Whether you’re actually there or not, I’ll always send you the link so you can access the meditation anytime!


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