Bless It and Leave It! #SelfInquiryTarot

#selfinquirytarotThis spread is about commitment to being your best self in present-time. What is my personal mission statement? How do I engage with my purpose? What is in my internal world that I’m drawn to get out into my environment? What do I need to cut cords with in order to open my creative channel? How am I committed to being a conduit for others on their journey?❤️ #selfinquirytarot ⁣

This morning when I was walking Rainbow I was thinking of things that I needed to leave behind. I was thinking about what I would tell Rainbow to do.. Bless it and Leave it!

There are so many streams of energy to focus on during the day, in life, in situations, in experiences. Where your attention goes.. energy flows.. right? How scattered are you? How many streams of energy are you tapping into simultaneously? And how powerful can that actually be? It can be powerful in the way of draining you.. The real inquiry is.. How do I want my full attention to be focused and on what? It’s not a matter of Leave It.. It’s a matter of turning your attention specifically toward what you want to accomplish. So.. what do you want?

I’m realizing more and more in all my scattered attention/streams of energy I have each of my toes dipped into, I want more soul time. I want more contemplation time, connection time. I want to be more connected with Universe and my Higher-Self. And I want to share that with my Goddess Tribe.

I’ve consolidated some of my efforts recently in attempts to do just that.. streamline and assimilate gatherings, practices, and the ebb and flow of our energy.. where it goes when we focus on certain aspects of our practices. How that evolves when we share it. How we can communicate better, be clearer with ourselves, our intentions, and our own presence. How we show up authentically in the world and for each other. And what happens in our lives when we do that?

Thank you Quantum Goddess WolfPack for joining me in this soul research!

Om Mani Padme Hum



Microcosmic Orbit Practice—Healing Deep Consciousness and Old Patterns

The practice of Microcosmic Orbit has brought my attention to my own deep healing process. Here is one of the epiphanies I experienced during this practice and the recorded Galactic MicroOrbit Guided Meditation Link so you can try it yourself!

For the last 50 days of the Goddess Reiki Apprenticeship this year, I hosted a Zoom guided 50 Days of MicroCosmic Orbit… Changing up your routine, getting into the practice of daily meditation and consciously raising your vibration changes your life. With the world and social climate and the many astrological influences right now, this practice both prepared me and helped me stay conscious to my alignment with my Higher-Self awareness.

I kept a journal through the 50 days of MicroOrbiting, knowing that this type of practice would bring about change influencing my insides and my outsides! I wanted to keep some notes about what those personal changes and experiences would be for me. I thought I knew what they would be, but the unexpected surfaced.

I’ve been recognizing so much lately how I become when I’m defensive. I get defensive when I’m emotionally threatened somehow. When I’ve felt safe to be myself, vulnerable, sensitive, but then realize abruptly that I’m not safe the way I had thought I was. I’m betrayed somehow, or I’ve given my trust to someone who has broken it, or I’ve held expectations too high and then come to realize that truth when those false expectations are dashed.

When I get defensive, I hold my breath, I hold my body in a way that it can’t relax. My voice is different, my energy is different. It’s no longer open. I realize I was holding myself this way the whole time I was growing up. I wasn’t safe, I was always threatened. I don’t like holding myself in this way. It feels so closed off from everything I really do want to experience.

One of the Soul Lessons I came in to become an expert at… to stay open in the face of emotional threat, emotional betrayals, and disappointment. How to maintain the presence of my essence, Truth, even when the Personality-Self is fearful. How to see everyone around me as a light being in a physical body, how to not be as influenced by the “Avatar” of the Soul I am interacting with more than the Soul itself. What a doozy of a Soul Lesson..

This self-protection process that I seem to have learned in this life is to ultimately retreat. That most situations are not hug-it-out-type situations and that everyone is in their own process at their own speeds, so they usually don’t match up.. The healing and figuring out and de-charging isn’t at a mutual place, so I do my own process of healing and forgiving.. (That includes a lot of Reiki, talking to guides and reevaluating how I’ve held my self-worth.)

During this 50 Days of MicroOrbit, I asked someone’s Higher-Self to meet me in the Cathedral of Souls, a neutral destination in the astrals where healing interactions can happen with Higher-Selves, Ascended Masters, and Angels. I asked them there so our Higher-Selves could communicate in neutrality about a situation that took place in which I felt I had again held trust in someone’s motivations placing my expectations of that connection and trust on a pedastal and was now disappointed.

When we were there, she was relaxed and loving and kind. She told me about her own sense of worthiness, how her Personality-Self tried to compensate by holding the appearance of never being wrong, always having the answers. How others opinions of her identity, of who she was and what she was capable of, were important in her process of learning. We talked about her soul lesson in this being the study of lack and how she was experimenting with giving herself lots of examples in this life to be competitive with others.

This whole conversation brought so much understanding to me. It also showed me where I was in my process with lack mentality, what I hold myself to with obligation. It brought to my attention things and situations I was continuing to put time and energy and effort into that I was complete with or that the needs for my own growth had evolved into something different that no longer needed their original containers.

The Universe making things uncomfortable or some type of scary, often times is the Higher-Self alerting the Personality-Self that it’s time to change it up… How long will you allow the Personality-Self to be in this space of upset? How will you change your surroundings so that you can experience the energy of joy and happiness? Flipping that lightswitch within changes everything in the surrounding atmosphere.

I’ve received much needed clarity from consciously getting into a neutral state and raising my frequency by daily MicroOrbiting. This practice sets space for the Personality and subconscious mind to relax, release those defensive protective mechanisims and connect with the Higher-Self, connect to Oneness Awareness. The healing that is taking place for me, coming from heart-space, being able to remove fear and shame and guilt and obligation, has moved me into a peaceful awareness that helps me continue holding the space I need to as a soul who has come in to help the planet.

I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful.

Om mani padme hum.

You can see for yourself how this practice heals your experience. Here is the recorded Galactic Microcosmic Orbit guided meditation.




Quantum Goddess Frequency Training Call!

Stay spiritually hydrated, tuned in, and activated in your awareness with Quantum Goddess Frequency Training!

The Quantum Frequency Training Call  will be (at least) once a month on the 4th Wednesday of the month 9-10am. This is a 45-60-minute guided meditation that will focus on setting, grounding and owning your space and energetic field for aligned manifestation and connection with your higher-self and Spirit Guides. It will also help you in the manifestation department! What you vibrate as your frequency you attract into your life! So get your Quantum Goddess on and get clear and focused!


During these sessions we will be

• Working on our Microcosmic orbit connection
• Connecting the mind and the heart, Living from the Heart (Drunvalo Melchizedek)
• Raising your frequency to be in tune and in flow with the Universe
• These calls are perfect training for Reiki Master Teachers who want to prepare for passing attunements
• We’ll set powerful and magnetizing manifestation and abundance space
• We’ll be grounding, cleaning and clearing our fields
• Connecting with guides
• And working from our 8th Chakras in our Neutral Space to get information from our higher selves and our akasha


Get your Goddess on Here!

Cost: once-a-month auto-pay $15. Once you have paid, an email with the Zoom Registration link will be sent to you separately for each call that also includes the call-in codes.


I’m looking forward to raising our frequencies and aligning together, Goddesses!



PS: If you cannot be on the call at the designated time, it is being recorded. Whether you’re actually there or not, I’ll always send you the link so you can access the meditation anytime!

Goddess Reiki Share Healing & Insights for November 2015

November 2015 Goddess Reiki Share

Healing with the new moon in Scorpio and the full moon in Gemini

This month’s energy asked us to acknowledge epiphanies that bubbled over. What triggered the snot out of you? What affected you? What are you stuffing?

The shadow work, deep communication, and processing that has happened over the past few weeks brought up, needless to say, some childhood trauma and nerves that felt as raw as when I experienced them through those young years.

The deep wounds from childhood that surfaced for me dealt with passive aggressive communication with someone who was trying to get their own needs met through guilting and shaming. And it did trigger the snot out of me!

It sent me to a place where I had to evaluate my own boundaries and values and make a decision about how or if I was going to move forward in that kind of relationship. The trust was broken. Talk about a non hug-it-out situation. The unconsciousness part of that communication brought up so many experiences that were difficult for me when I was young—a lot of the reason being that I couldn’t get away from them.

The Outer Child, the concept explained in Taming Your Outer Child, by Susan Anderson, would haveScreen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.31.33 PMresponded like a banshee trying to protect the sensitive inner child. At first my Outer Child was pissed. When the Outer Child comes forward, it’s an alert to the Adult self that all is not well in Wonder Land.

Using the Outer Child as a red flag can come in handy for the self-healer.


My Outer Child alert brought me to begin a process of healing that I’d stuffed for a long time. I needed and continue to need my own consistent acknowledgement to myself that I am important enough not to stay in a situation that is nothing but healing and nurturing, no matter what the reasons.

This, of course, brought me to the shadow work. Where am I being verbally or emotionally abusive in my life and to whom? (Besides my computer when it’s not working right!)

Then there was my Zel. Scorpio’s death stuff came in full blast. I had to be my truest adult self I’ve ever been and make the hard decision you never want to think about. I got her ashes back today.

I hope you have claimed your healing space this month and have been able to move forward in your own conscious evolution. I am honored to be among you wonderful healing Goddesses.