Happy Right Your Empress Day!

Becoming Aligned with Self-Love

That’s what my cards for today were talking about. The things you have to say NO to in order to maintain what you want for yourself. It’s a solar plexus kind of a day.. Commitment to self. Following your own rules. It’s the kind of thing that 75Hard program is about: keeping promises to yourself. Those are the most important promises. The ones that define your energy, the energy you create in your field and then exude out into the world and the Universe.. So if you don’t keep promises to yourself, your energy says to everyone and everything and to the Universe, “You don’t have to keep promises to me either.”

There’s a little bit of a fear factor there, but ultimately, why would you not keep promises to yourself? We make them because there’s something that is tied to the promise that moves you into a place you want to be. Why do we self-sabotage? Or why do we not when we keep our promises to Self? When do commitments to Self become solid? I feel like it’s when we’re in alignment with our Truth, our will, our mind, and our emotions.

You would think that becoming aligned with Self Love would be a heart chakra thing, but it has a lot to do with what kind of promises you make to yourself: letting yourself know you got your back, you’re here if you fall, you’ll help yourself back up, you won’t let yourself fall. Being able to depend on yourself to listen to your own intuition and act on it no matter what is going on around you.. Ultimately, Self Love is about Self-validating. It’s about worthiness.

Remembering back to when I did 75Hard last year, it was like I was on autopilot. I was in a self-imposed stream of consciousness, like I had a 1-track mind. I was not pushing or forcing or making myself do anything. I was just doing it. I made a decision to follow these steps for a certain amount of time, and I did. For 75 days. Ultimately longer because once you have habits like that built up for 75 days, it’s part of how you live. I was clicked in.

(75Hard is a program where you choose what you want to do within certain parameters and do it for 75 days: 1. choose a diet, I chose the Whole30, but did it for 75 days, 2. you workout twice a day (any workout you choose), each for 45 minutes, one of those has to be outside, 3. you read at least 10 pages of non-fiction per day, 4. drink water, 5. no alcohol, what am I forgetting? That’s pretty close. Oh yeah, if you slide out of your rules, your diet, or skip a workout, you have to start over from day 1. I didn’t slide. It was on like Donkey Kong.)

After 75 days I reevaluated what I wanted to continue. It had been an immaculate detox and helped me to focus on myself, on my self-care. Having that experience helped me to understand that stream of consciousness. I want to cultivate that now in a new way.

My Empress showed up reversed today. When I see that, I immediately inquire, what promises am I not keeping to myself? With a lot of my attention focused on conspiring with the Universe to cocreate this year, I don’t want any mishaps because I’m slackin on the self-validation.. If you’re needing to right your Empress, you’re not alone. Today’s the day.

Happy Right Your Empress Day!

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