Rehabilitating into Sacred Connection

The Cycle of the Cave and the Sun

I received a lot of feedback from the energy-of-the-day Tarot reading yesterday and I feel like there’s a collective that shares a flow revolving around building this year. I feel like 2023 may be a “rehab year,” in that after combined and individual situations of devastation in the past few years, and then cave time to get safe again, we’re coming back out into the sun to build up the muscles, the strength, things that have perhaps weakened, and alignment with our personal power again.

Things we have let go that were part of our lives, like parts of our spirituality, self-healing, self-care, art, things we love to do, or gathering even, are all things that we’re stepping back into. I’ve had lots of people describe to me how they’re so hard on themselves for not being consistent or embodying Reiki or a certain belief: walking the talk, so to speak. Feelings of guilt and shame for falling away from their path of consciousness into survival or self-soothing that turned into longer unhealthy patterns.

Hear me now, Goddesses. We ebb and flow. Cave time is needed. As much as masculine energy: doing energy and producing energy, is needed, it is not sustainable without cave time. The ebb and flow is real and valid and valuable. Guilt and shame, however, are not. It is so important that we allow ourselves the ebb and flow and the cycle of the cave and the sun.

It may be time to move back into that stream of consciousness that builds, energizes, and feels personally powerful once again. That doesn’t mean it happens overnight. It also doesn’t mean that it looks the same as it did before. And that may be a good thing. It happens through self-acceptance and evaluating your environment, your needs (which may have changed and evolved, I know mine have), and what you truly desire. It happens through new ways of deciding to do something, moving your body, eating for frequency, living with intention. How do you want to feel? What do you want to spend more time thinking about because it absolutely fascinates you? Let’s do that :)

Moving into the thought process of acting through conscious motivations is a way to start. What do you want to spend your time doing? Who do you want to spend your time with? What kind of relationships do you want to build with partners and friends and food and your Higher-Self and your guides and how you see the world? Evaluating these things and then beginning to make moves that are in line with those desires. We have time.

So much love to you in your process of journeying into 2023. We, as OneLove, are moving back to our sacred connection.


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