Working with the Phases of the Universe

Becoming Friends with the Stars

Today the moon is in Sagittarius. It’s 14.3% illuminated as I write this, with the New Moon phasing in 4 days. My North Node is in Sagittarius, so whenever the moon is there, I feel inspired, energetic, and creatively focused. This day has been no exception. It fascinates me how affected by the magnetism of the moon we are. How hospitals know when it’s a full moon, for instance, with an influx of patients, like clockwork. Like moon-phase work.

When I was born, the moon was a Waning Gibbous. It was still more than 50% illuminated, but getting smaller. I feel like I tend to have more connection and clarity in my creations, but also in what I’m manifesting when the moon is smaller rather than Full. I also notice the floosh of energy as it gets smaller rather than as it’s building. Noticing how you’re synched with the stars and the planets can help you align with everything, all that you do. I’ve been focusing on that more and more. It seems that the more I pay attention to the moon, the more validating the phases for me.

When the moon is full, instead of having a height of energy, like many, I want to swim in it. To float in it. To be still and silent and listen and hear the stars moving. This may have something to do with my moon sign being Pisces…

The Star Goddess immersion started this year, and we’re experimenting with all of these things. Talking about our natal charts, where our planets are, how we react and respond to different transits relating to where those planets hit in our chart. I’m so excited to see what we find. We’ve been doing Moon Goddess Reiki for a while, talking about how we move with the phases, and there’s a definite note of moon phase at birth and fluctuation of energy and creativity relating to that phase.

I’m constantly engaged in understanding how we are all One. How we’re all connected and we’re linked with and through the stars and the Universe. It’s obvious when we start to see the signs. When we pay attention to synchronicities and the moon and who and what we attract and manifest. It simply amazes me how we can change our energy, update it, recalibrate our magnetizing magnet to deflect what we don’t want and align with what we do. Moving energy with intention.

Happy Star Gazing, Goddess!

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