Vishuddha Consciousness—A Channel to Heal the Witch Wound

Releasing the Past-Life Charge of being Silenced—Sacred Voice Activation

Quantum Goddess Frequency Training was emotional today. I had a hard time trying to keep it together, speaking through the guided meditation. When I was working on it, I felt strong. I was excited and looking forward to sharing! But when I was actually speaking it out loud for the Quantum Goddess Circle today, I was overwhelmed and could barely keep the tears from rolling.

The Witch Wound is something that has come up a lot in conversation lately, a sect of the collective that has resistance to being seen and being heard. It’s an old, ancient-feeling of fear and way of protection that is known so deeply: the intrinsic knowing of not to reveal for purposes of actual survival.

There were moments in the meditation I had to pause and breathe for a minute before going on. Why did this move me so much? What is swimming around under the surface all the time, that when we put it into our voice, something happens that releases the Truth of what the words are not even close to expressing? A charged relief of being able to finally let it out and let it go. For all of us to acknowledge our Truth together is so powerful and so healing.

The Throat Chakra, the Speak-Your-Truth chakra, is directly affected by our past lives and how we were treated regarding beliefs and the secrecy that had to be kept in order to simply stay alive. In these times we were not allowed to express openly what most resonated with us, and we literally had to act out what we were told to believe as it was physically unsafe to do otherwise. This generated a psychic generational wound that has carried through lifetimes.

Our ancestors harbored this trauma, fear, shame, and grief in their minds and in their bodies. It’s important to address the survival reactions in our nervous systems that we may still possess in present-time.

When we still have triggers and charges in our fields from what we experienced in those lives so long ago, we carry the fear of speaking our Truth in our cells. It moves through the lineage in our DNA. It is inherited trauma rooted in the burning times and looks like, in present time, fear of being powerful. It looks like self-judgment, self-denial, and living half a life. This is the lifetime we can heal from these wounds.

You are Safe, You are Ready, It is Time, Goddess.



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