This ends up being one of my favorite places

Oh How We Veer

It’s interesting to me our habits. The grooves we get into, the places we end up stopping by every day. Maybe sometimes without realizing it or not having a plan to do it, but you just drive through the Bucks (Rainbow’s word for Starbucks. And she knows why we’re there.. she knows it’s pupcup time.) or BRB (again Rainbow’s term for Button Rock Bakery), or that place that one time when we were getting that thing.

What makes us think of certain things, what reminds us of how we want to be, what we want, who we are. Who we were. How these things change, these places change, how and when we veer to a new place. A different one, and for what reason.. The things that become part of our life. What we allow in and whom we allow access.

There’s a place in Lafayette that has someone who is unhappy working there. They seem to have a lot of anger, and we literally avoid it in the afternoons because he’s there and he just makes everyone pissy! (Clear your space, ground, blow pics, yatta yatta [and I don’t mean that in a minimizing way, those tools keep me sane], but sometimes, take yourself out of a shitay sitch and find a place that feels not just better, but Divine.)

So we veered to BRB. And now we go there at a time in the day when we wouldn’t have before. What a river, you know? Drifting. What a flow in another direction because it feels better. Because we evolved. Because it makes more sense, because we match that energy more than we match the pissy energy.

The Goddess Archetype personifies Divine Feminine Wisdom, nurturing, strength, power, sensuality, alignment. The Shadow of the Goddess has more to do with not feeling a sense of worth and then that reflects out as Mean girls, cattiness, aloofness, passive-aggressiveness, power struggles, being judgy, misrepresenting, triangulation, and all the manipulative things. The shadow is freaking exhausting and draining. To be that way, or to deal with someone being that way. Managing that, juggling it, bending for it to feel less awkward, is not sustainable.

You quest the way you like to quest, I will quest the way I like to quest. 

Finding your flow, where your energy matches, where it feels good, it seems a waste of time to be anywhere else than where you belong. And you belong in a place where you feel safe, empowered, supported, and loved for being exactly who you are.

Find your favorite places, Goddess,





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