Padmes Daily Tarot—The World

Padmes Card of the Day The WorldThe World—Padmes Card of the Day

Approach opportunities today with open arms—help from others & success are available to you. You can supersede struggle today & win what you came for. Deep inner immersion reflects life around you. Your Truth Self is rich & in collaboration with your outer world. It’s time to come to terms with the past & take a step toward the future—a substantial ending & a new beginning are afoot. Wrap up something ongoing & start a new chapter. #tarot <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—Page of Cups reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot page of cups reversedPage of Cups reversed—Padmes Card of the Day

What can you do for yourself today that would alleviate anxiety, stress, or melancholy? Building on your identity of self-love and Oneness Awareness can bring you peace today. No need to deal with others who give little & expect much; long-term that won’t last as a fulfilling relationship anyway. Take the time you need for you: yin yoga, hot bath, green smoothie, movie. When you’re self aware you are present for others. #tarot <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—6 of Swords

Padmes Daily Tarot 6 of swords6 of Swords—Padmes Card of the Day

Transition is in the air. Get ready for forward movement. Difficult & challenging times shift to a much better scenario. Long-term changes in your favor take you out of your daily routine into something more heart-aligned—and leaving something that keeps your heart feeling like it’s wrapped in duct tape. Unexpected safety & security reside in this new way of doing & seeing your life. Sharp mental clarity serves you; dwell not. #tarot <3

Padmes Card of the Day—6 of Pentacles reversed

padmes card of the day 6 of pentacles reversed6 of Pentacles reversed—Padmes Daily Tarot

Sometimes when you “loan” money to someone it’s best to decide it’s a gift and let it go as that. Today can be tricky if your expectations get in the way of reality. Whether you’re not in a place to be generous with your time or resources, or someone you wish to spend time with is unavailable, drawing from your own reserves is best for everyone involved. Charity has a business side—shine by giving with no agenda today. #tarot <3