January 2014 Goddess Reiki Share

Adi Shakti HooponoponoOur first Goddess Reiki Share at Adi Shakti was amazing.

We started setting up the room and setting the space with Reiki energy before everyone arrived and very quickly realized that this place was a grounding mecca! We were joltedβ€”but only for a split second. We both looked at each other and laughed at our surprise. Of course this place was grounding, it’s a Kundalini Yoga Sanctuary! haahhaha!

As everyone arrived we were listening to all the observations, “Wow, this place feels good.” “You can feel how calm and aligned it is here.” “Healing work must happen here all the time.” Yes, let the healing commence!

We did some initial introductions and shared what was going on since last we met. There were new goddesses and returning goddesses alike, so it was nice to learn about new healers and catch up with friends. There were a couple stories of coming back to a self-healing place in the ebb and flow of that tide. And there was news of family in need of great healing after a diagnosis that wasn’t easy to hear.

We gather to help each other, to honor each other, to learn, to share, and to heal ourselves, each other, and our loved ones. I’m so grateful that we were able to meet this night and be the support that each of us needed.

We all bring special crystals or Tarot cards, or other things close to our hearts to infuse on the Reiki grid. One of our sisters brought a box full of gemstone bracelets of all different kinds for everyone to choose and take home as a gift. So sweet! And thank you so much!

Adi ShaktiI didn’t know much about the stone I was drawn to and had to look up to learn more. It was so right on in terms of what was going on with me and what I needed to support myself at this time. Synchronicites always amaze and encourage me. I talked with others too who had similar experiences and are thrilled with their special present!

As always, I wish I had taken better pictures… and MORE pictures! Once we get going, it’s the last thing I’m thinking about. I’m going to have to get good at this because it’s worth seeing everyone in action.

Thank you beautiful Reiki Goddesses for a lovely evening. I look forward to seeing you again soon!



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  1. Sorry I missed it – look forward to when I can come again….Caroline