Padmes Tarotscopes for August 2014

Padmes Tarotscopes August 2014

Aries (March 21-April 19) Tarot: Justice—Get clear about your intentions and authenticity

This month there is a need for better inner balance. It’s important at this time to step outside the situation and see the big picture—what is really going on as a whole, not just from your perspective. Then make decisions accordingly. It’s important to make non-emotional decisions to gain balance. This is not a time to relax and go to the spa for inner balance. Instead, the pull for action-oriented work and accountability will bring you equilibrium.

When it comes to health and meditation, exercise can be a focus and a practice as well as discrimination relating to food, friends, and places of travel. It’s time to look at all sides of an issue, not just the side that pops up first from habit, practice, or family/collective consciousness. A release of old ties is necessary.

This month call to your higher self to bring alignment, removing pain and irritability in order to fulfill a clarity of intention. If you are honest and transparent in your business and relationships, outcomes will work in your favor this month. Examine how fair you’re being to yourself. Weigh your strengths and weaknesses in all situations and be honest about your continuing and ongoing part and responsibility in a project or group.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: plantain Stone: White topaz Chakra: Heart

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Tarot: The Moon reversed—Instead of denial, identify your emotional truth and nurture it

This August is focused on spiritual evolution, which brings on a physical evolution for Taurus. As the Moon is reversed, we are looking at over-doing it with drugs, alcohol, emotional overload, or over-reacting to situations because we’re responding to PTSD and emotional trauma instead of the actual situation at hand. For you, Taurus, being this out of control is a definite time to pull it in and take a good look at what is affecting you from the long-ago past. Are you being triggered by the feelings of betrayal? Your partners will appreciate this evolution if you can get to the heart of it and be real about what’s going on with you.

Giving up the power position to gain understanding of self is highlighted at this time. When you can release the self-proclaimed responsibility of authority and can trust that you are in alignment with the Universe, you can excel and prosper in a way that you have not yet felt.

There is a need to look inward so deeply that wounds you don’t want to revisit rise to the surface. Coming to terms with the past is up at this time. Diffusing hurtful times and taking the charge out of experiences that were traumatizing is advisable during the month of August. Find an amazing EFT or EMDR therapist. Partake in soul retrieval. Go to a clairvoyant energy worker. Take some action that will bring you back to your center.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Lemon Balm Stone: Rhodochrosite Chakra: Sacral

Gemini (May 21-June 20,21) Tarot: The Fool and The World reversed—Honor your Truth

Two cards presented themselves for Gemini this month. These two cards together represent a need for faith, trust in the process, and Oneness with the Divine; passion to move ahead with the understanding that You are Divine. Your intuition is a guiding force that moves you to your next endeavor. The World speaks of our ability to bring what it is that we seek into the physical. The Fool takes that as truth, almost taking it for granted. Trust is what is needed here. There is a sense of resistance to your Divine Self. The Divine part of you that can map out what you want and need at this time.

When you’re not privy to your own false limiting beliefs or your procrastination originating from these false beliefs, and further the responsibility you have to yourself to engage in the present and walk forward into your destiny with your free will intact, you are not only being a disservice to your own plan, but to others who are in this incarnation with you. (No pressure.)

This month is about being present and coming to terms with your past so that you can be fully in this moment. (“Remember who you were before others told you who you are.”) This month is about seeing your authentic truth in the whole of our environment and not through someone else’s eyes.

Spiritual Tools for August: Herb: Comfrey Stone: Lapis Lazuli Chakra: Throat

Cancer (June 21,22-July22) Tarot: Ace of Pentacles—Time to ground and shine through your actions

Cancer, this month’s energy you can really bask in—balancing root power from the earth and your watery nature. Living in balance with the nature spirits and the earth around you, this card is about living our truths. It’s time to let go of what is not our greatest good and embrace what is truly our power in this incarnation; What we’re truly here to do. It is the time to not only let go of non-supportive patterns, relationships, and thought spirals, but to become aware of them in order for a full release to take place.

This month is about seeking balance with all that we encounter: dynamics of the relationships that we have cultivated (or released), our home, health, work, and spiritual lives. This is about nurturing ourselves and opening to receive nurturing from other aspects around us. Being able to receive our greatest good is the key idea here—not empathing others emotions or motivations or healing for others instead of self. There is a need to get resistance and blockages out of your energy field in order to fully stand in your power.

In releasing energy that does not serve, we are open to plant the seeds of new life and cultivate their growth. Being grounded is August’s goal. Be present. Be whole. Honoring your own sense truth. Embracing and feeling joy in a new sense of self. Do you, boo.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Grains Stone: Rose Quartz Chakra: Solar Plexus

Leo (July 23-August 22) Tarot: Three of Wands and Ace of Swords reversed—Do not move forward in an endeavor when you know something is off

First and foremost, it is important at this time to make your needs and desires very obvious to others—though be aware the feeling of dynamics not being all together aligned is not something that you should ignore. There is a reason for this feeling. Moving forward when you know something is off is not in your greatest good for the long run.

Though it is important to let your truths be known, doing this in a diplomatic way, versus a forceful un-empathetic way will be better for everyone involved. You will get across what you need to, and will be heard at the same time. If done forcefully, you risk not being heard because defensive arms will rise up instead of open-heart receiving.

With both of these cards present, there is a need to re-evaluate the situation as not all the information you require to bring this aspiration full circle is available. Seeking more information would behoove you at this time. Trust your own intuition this month, even if you’re seeking counsel from someone you admire. Your mentor or colleague may be coming from a personal place rather than a neutral space for advice.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Saffron and Lavendar Stone: Lapis Lazuli Chakra: Solar Plexus

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Tarot: Knight of Swords reversed—Tact will get you everywhere

August is about not stepping on toes. Getting your point across and getting what you want can happen without you pummeling everyone on your path. Make sure that you balance forcefulness with the benefits of the greater good in your decision making this month. Patience and being “rico-suave-ey” will attract more queen bees… This, however, does not mean toning down your wit, letting things slide, or being a pushover.

There is a need to deal with some past grief of loss that sometimes brings forward a defensive and manipulative side of expression. Breathing into the present will allow this to come forth more easily. Compartmentalizing emotional loss at this time will hinder your progress in other areas of your life this month.

Remember that speaking your truth is speaking your truth in the present… not the past or the future. Take note of how your needs, desires, and wants have changed in relation to what they used to be.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Cherry Bark Stone: Blue Lace Agate Chakra: Solar Plexus

Libra (September 23-October 22) Tarot: The Chariot reversed—Woa there… Are those your emotions your’re processing, or mine?

Be careful to make sure, this month, that you are processing your own emotions and not those emotions of others. As empaths and healers, it is possible to take on the emotions and pain, as well as the processing of lessons, of others if we’re not being conscious of our own energy management. August, Libra, is about maintaining your own space so that your own dreams can come into fruition.

Also be cautious during August that you’re not being extra sensitive and picking up others emotions because they are going through something that has been triggering to you in your past. Time to come to terms with some rough waters of the past and recognize that you can help others now because of the wisdom of your experiences and not by commiserating as if those experiences are still in present-time.

The neutrality you can achieve through healing from this experience helps you to see all sides and be of more service to others at this time than taking it on as your own. Seeing through the charge of past experiences is your gift this month. A perfect month for seeing your ego step aside and your higher self come through full force.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Cyperus Stone: Amazonite Chakra: Sacral

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Tarot: Queen of Wands—You’re a magnetic current attracting and manifesting

Stunning inner calm and the epitome of groundedness, the Queen of Wands lets us know that creative intuition can envelope all aspects of life: intimacy in relationship, work, and inner-child time. This month she calls you to be strong in your opinions and fight for what you want in a way that is best for the greater good.

Tuning into the inner-child this month is part of what is needed to interpret the world around you in present time. Inner-child is still reactive and dependent on childhood PTSD. If you can look past this and see what is going on around you for what it is and not as only a reflection of childhood trauma, it will push you forward in your healing and protection of self that is not about isolation or plucking yourself from the situation in protection, but rather being comfortable in your own skin and so able to deal with anything that is set before you in a productive way.

Giving yourself the permission to love and accept yourself as a whole being in any situation, whether it’s one you choose to be in, or one you would rather leave, is pertinent in loving yourself and feeling that you are perfect in the body you inhabit in this incarnation. Not a month to let anyone else’s experience or perspective dampen your enthusiasm for your goals. Embrace your independence and sharp ability to make good judgements and decisions on the fly.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Raspberry Leaf Stone: Citrine Chakra: Solar Plexus

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Tarot: 8 of Cups reversed—Acknowledge lessons, forgive, and release

Not time to jump ship just yet, though that time may be fast approaching. For one reason or another, there is more to learn here or wrap up karmically than you may see on the surface. You’ve made agreements that your soul wants to maintain even though your personality self is ready to move onward. You will know when it’s time to take that step off the shore and into to new waters.

The clarity that is needed to let a situation go is not fully realized just yet. Give yourself some time and space, don’t feel the urgency so strongly to leave the nest. Let yourself feel this out for a while longer. Get a clearer sense of what is going to bring closure before you take those next steps. Deep self reflection is needed.

There is a recognizing through acknowledgement of emotions that a situation is not what you thought it was going to be. Find your part in this epiphany and sit with it. Last efforts at change can follow this month with intentions of ironing out some deep wrinkles.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Marshmallow Root Stone: Blue Chalcedony Chakra: Root

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Tarot: Justice reversed—Return the balance of power to neutrality

Time to pull it together. If you’ve been way out of balance, looking only outwardly or only inwardly to find answers and conclusions, it’s time to take a breather and get assistance. Doing everything on your own is not going to work. This renders overwhelm and spiritual unconsciousness, exactly the opposite of what your higher self is asking for. Feeling like you’re the only one who can do it right and taking on everything at once without help from your infinite bag of environmental resources is what will keep you from true happiness.

Time to bring some salt into your bath, visit salt springs, and add Himalayan salt lamps in most of the rooms of your house or office to equalize those ions in your atmosphere. It’s time to seek the energy of the earth to help you ground and balance and get in touch with the natural ebbs and flows of your alignment with the Universe.

There is an aspect here that warns from bringing too much emotion and perhaps personal accomplishment into a situation or decision. It’s possible that you’re not taking a balanced perspective of your life or a situation affecting you. Seemingly unfair gestures and judgements are brought to your attention this month. It’s time to deal with what you’ve been given and pay attention to things that need addressing.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt Stone: Black Tourmaline Chakra: Root

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Tarot: 4 of Cups reversed—The deal is has been made

This month a decision has just been made or will be made accordingly. You’ve come to a deciding point and achievement has come full circle in this process. Move forward with your findings and honor your intuition. You’ve come a long way to get to this conclusion, so fully experience your relief and know that your decision is the right one for the present time.

Any upset or ill feelings that have led you to this decision, it is now time to release them and get on with it. These were all catalysts to move into another space. Another part of the story’s path. There is no need to look back or question your decision-making or process.

Any anger associated with this decision can be eliminated at this time and totally blasted out of your energetic field. The decision itself has removed charge from the irritant that caused you strife, so you’re now free to move about the cabin, so to speak. Let it go and render on. Making this decision is freedom from the past.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Burdock Stone: Onyx Chakra: Root

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Tarot: The Fool reversed—Not your first rodeo, don’t give up, it’s time to be present

Past lives are upon you. You’re dealing with some way old energy, lineage energy even, that you may need to get the reigns on and handle in order to get present again. These energies that come from a place that no longer serves you in this life, are the only things that are holding you back from achieving your goals, dreams, and wishes in this incarnation.

Attachments to the past may be affecting the role you play in this life keeping you from your inspired Divine self. When you take on responsibilities that are not yours (even if they were in a past life) or the responsibilities of others, the healing of others, or dealing with the karma of others in this life, it keeps you from addressing your own healing, karma, and connection to higher self.

Step out of any martyr-esque behavior, or ideas that you have relating to taking care of others emotionally. Give yourself a chance to deal with your own healing that you’ve been procrastinating about and possibly even using these other situations as masks in order not to face your own emotional blocks. See a Lightworker for Reiki or Clairvoyant energy work.

Spiritual tools for August: Herb: Ginseng Stone: Peridot Chakra: Sacral

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