Pisces Tarotscope November 2014

Pisces Taroscope Novmeber 2014 The MoonPisces—The Moon—So Meta—Pisces Tarotscope November 2014

Sometimes getting caught up in emotions, your own dream world of wishes and wants and fears and anxieties can create a whole world that almost seems like reality… But then the real reality creeps in and you have to deal. This month give yourself time cry crocodile tears for disappointments and long lost times and get ready to have a resurgence into a new you; one that sees the pretty dreams and depths of emotions and applies them to a new way of thinking that grounds into possibilities not available before.

Situations with underlying currents of this former life are bound to make you feel like you’ll never get your way again, or that the tides of fortune are gone forever… Oh, Pisces, the ebb and flow of these emotions are just like the seasons moving through each other. You’ll get your groove back and feel at one with the Universe again, and in seemingly no time at all. Seeing truths for what they are instead of creating a more lovely story will be helpful in your transition into new epiphanies about your life and where you want it to go.

Any work conflicts or personality disagreements are best overcome by initially internalizing your responses. Moving into an argument or dispute is not advised this month for the outcome that you truly wish for. Be gentle w

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ith yourself this month when a visitor or someone who calls irks the bajeesuhs out of you. This is an opportunity to reign in your new life goals and plans for moving onward and accepting where you stand in your own space.

Spiritual Contemplation for Pisces Tarotscope November 2014; Journal it:

Where have I overstepped boundaries or not seen the boundaries to begin with? How can I be more aware of others in my emotional world? Am I using appropriate energy management and do I need to detach from others and clean up my space?

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