Bless It and Leave It! #SelfInquiryTarot

#selfinquirytarotThis spread is about commitment to being your best self in present-time. What is my personal mission statement? How do I engage with my purpose? What is in my internal world that I’m drawn to get out into my environment? What do I need to cut cords with in order to open my creative channel? How am I committed to being a conduit for others on their journey?❤️ #selfinquirytarot ⁣

This morning when I was walking Rainbow I was thinking of things that I needed to leave behind. I was thinking about what I would tell Rainbow to do.. Bless it and Leave it!

There are so many streams of energy to focus on during the day, in life, in situations, in experiences. Where your attention goes.. energy flows.. right? How scattered are you? How many streams of energy are you tapping into simultaneously? And how powerful can that actually be? It can be powerful in the way of draining you.. The real inquiry is.. How do I want my full attention to be focused and on what? It’s not a matter of Leave It.. It’s a matter of turning your attention specifically toward what you want to accomplish. So.. what do you want?

I’m realizing more and more in all my scattered attention/streams of energy I have each of my toes dipped into, I want more soul time. I want more contemplation time, connection time. I want to be more connected with Universe and my Higher-Self. And I want to share that with my Goddess Tribe.

I’ve consolidated some of my efforts recently in attempts to do just that.. streamline and assimilate gatherings, practices, and the ebb and flow of our energy.. where it goes when we focus on certain aspects of our practices. How that evolves when we share it. How we can communicate better, be clearer with ourselves, our intentions, and our own presence. How we show up authentically in the world and for each other. And what happens in our lives when we do that?

Thank you Quantum Goddess WolfPack for joining me in this soul research!

Om Mani Padme Hum



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