MicroOrbit Cards Day 38!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

🤍 MicroOrbiting Cards for Day 38! 🤍
Today our cards talk about the balance between being discerning with your time, energy, and love vs. forgiveness and boundaries. They talk about the recognition of every experience, every encounter, with every person, being for your growth and expansion of awareness. The realization that everyone is on their own journey, immersed in their own story, in their own process, and at their own speed.
Weathering the storm is a theme today. Coming out of unconsciousness into epiphany. Today’s energy talks about being in the eye of the storm. Being an observer. Removing self from meaningless chaos and rebalancing through change, adjustment, and witness.
Evolution of Higher-Self and Personality-Self. Acknowledging the sacred story of your life and the patterns and intrinsic knowing that illuminates your life’s purpose. Finding your soul tribe. Finding those of like minds who have perhaps at a similar warp speed ahead trajectory!

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