Certified Angel Card Reader!

Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card ReaderMarch was an amazing month and to wrap it up, I studied with Doreen Virtue at the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Denver!

I’ve been looking forward to this since December 2013 when I registered for the event, and now it has finally come into fruition!

Doreen was fabulous in her brilliant colbalt blue faerie dress. She was there with her bestie, Radleigh Valentine, Tarot expert, and life partner, Michael, who makes ambient angel-ie music while they are presenting and teaching up on stage for the Angel Card Reader students.

Tuning in to angel wisdom, studying the cards, doing readings for each other, and hearing the Divine angel foresight come through Doreen as she listened to Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel, and Archangel Gabriel, to name a few, and was guided to offer messages, was a day not to be forgotten! We made connections with new friends and had an experience that was life-changing.

Angels are constantly around us, guiding us and giving us synchronistic signs filling us with the confidence to adhere to our own intuition. They honor free will and often will not interfere unless you ask them to. A simple, “Hey! Archangel Michael! Please help me to get through this tough situation,” will do! Meditation with angels and the intent to receive messages around certain aspects or questions in your life is one of the most rewarding and deeply connecting experiences I believe you can have. You have the ability to connect with source energy at any moment. That is because you ARE source energy! You can connect with Spirit whenever you wish because you are made up of Spirit!

Same goes for angels. You can ask them for their assistance at any time. They are there waiting for you to connect! If you would like to connect through an angel card reading, please give me a call. I would love to facilitate that angelic connection for you! I’ll also be including messages from the angels in my monthly newsletter.

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