Nurturing Indigos and HSPs—Environment


How can you nurture HSPs and Indigos? Being HSP-attentive is a start. For the empath, environment is everything. Highly Sensitive People (HSPs as coined by Elaine N. Aron. Ph.D. in her book The Highly Sensitive Person), experience everything from the inside out.

Aron’s book shows how empaths react to outside energy and influences. It’s a breath of fresh air for some who need validation and an empath guidebook! If you’re sensitive under grocery halogen lights (they may make you nauseous or anxious), if you get disoriented when you don’t eat, get pissy waiting in lines, and if going to the mall or hanging out in a crowd to one extreme energizes you or completely depletes you, there’s a strong possibility you’re dealing with empathic qualities. Guess what, so are your kids.

“If you want to feel pretty, surround yourself with pretty things.” There is truth to that old adage. When things you love, that comfort you, and people who encourage you surround you, it has mood altering effects, inducing happiness and inspiration. In turn, being surrounded by angry highly stressed people, watching violent or depressing movies, and listening to music that doesn’t produce creative messages, alters mood as well.

Just as “you are what you eat,” and “birds of a feather flock together,”—You are what and who you surround yourself with. Luckily, even for the HSP adult, these stimuli are usually a personal choice and even when they’re not, are somewhat controllable. Children, on the other hand, not only do not have the power to make those choices or control their surroundings, but often they do not know how to communicate their feelings.

That’s where we come in. Adults must be aware of unseen and many times unspoken phenomena that exist in the universe of a child. Adults must regulate these stimuli for them. It is our job to be aware and communicate in order to accommodate a healthier environment for our kids.

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