Padmes October Card of the Month—Justice Reversed

Padmes Card of the Month Justice ReversedPadmes October 2014 Card of the Month Justice Reversed

The perfect card for a Mercury Retrograde month! Justice is about fairness and completing cycles with karma—agreements coming full circle and moving on from past decisions that have been settled one way or the other. Because Miss Justice is reversed this month, she has some explaining to do.

It’s important to look at all the facts and figures. Just because you don’t look at what’s right in front of you doesn’t mean it’s not there! Brushing things under the rug will lead to issues later. Dealing with all the cards on the table will help you in the long run! Be honest with yourself and do what you would want others to know you did. Integrity will come back to you. See the truth for what it is instead of trying to water it down or make it different.

For some reason it looks as though being objective might be a challenge this month. So keep your neutrality the best way you can. Jumping the gun can cause problems and delays in the future—or can hurry things up in the wrong way. Make sure you’re dealing with a full deck of info before you leap off the fence into a done deal.

It looks like someone you trust may be a sneaky monkey not revealing all they know. Sometimes survival mode can take over and fear steps in. Make sure you know who reacts with “every chick for herself!” when storms come.

Keeping your emotions at bay while making critical decisions is important. If this is a tricky situation that pulls at the heartstrings or that gets the blood boiling, sleep on it! It’s important that you’re proud of your choices, even if they’re difficult.

Justice reversed shows us the parts of ourselves that are reactive if we let them run without our rule. Coming into your center and deciding what is best for you in your full consciousness is the meditation.

October’s Affirmation: “I am at peace with being in my present moment. I respond when I am coming from my heart-center and I’m balanced in my judgement.” 

As the Indigo Travels Through Life—6 Things I Wish I Had Known

What I Wish I Knew Then—Advice for the Traveling Indigo

1. Find peace in the storm through purpose.

You have a place in the Universe and being here is no accident. Be reassured that you are here for a reason. You are living, evolving and experiencing because that is the nature of who you are. This is your purpose. Finding this peace and recognizing that you are the only one who creates your limitations, means understanding that you are divine and worthy of your dreams and goals.Indigo Child - Things I wish I knew

2. Understand how you are connected and living in One reality.

When you can see how you’re truly connected to everything, you can understand that you are never alone. So many times on my journey, I felt lonely and afraid. Had I only known how wrong I was, and how much love surrounds us.

3. Know that decisions you make are revisable.

Nothing is set in stone. You are constantly evolving and the decisions you make now may suit your purpose for the moment. When that decision no longer suits your purpose, you are empowered to make revisions. Evolving is part of your purpose.

4. Speaking your truth is your freedom and unique contribution.

Following your intuition by listening to what your body tells you is what makes you unique in this world. It’s how you infuse your energy into this experience. When you deny your truth, you are continuing to live with limits and fear, going against your very nature. The Indigo’s path is clear. Shattering fear and walking through new doors of opportunity brings us true and soulful freedom.

5. Investigate what brings you joy.

Sometimes what we loved when we were young changes or grows into something new. Be open to this. Frequently try new things. Find what inspires you and fills you with excitement. The more you experience, the more potential for joy you have.

6. This is as real as it gets!

You are free to make up your own rules! There is no “right” way to live this life or walk your path, and there is no need to feel that you have to imitate someone else’s successes or struggles. Base your choices on your own needs and desires in order to fulfill your wildest dreams.

Breaking the illusion of fear and limitations helps eliminate unnecessary setbacks and procrastination on the path to a successful Indigo journey. When Indigos choose to fight through their fears, they bring clarity and love to a divine presence. Whether conscious of this subtle knowing or not, Indigos affect the planet and the energy that creates Universal Oneness.

How far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go; what I’ve learned from family and friends, inspiring and challenging alike; what I take with me from each experience as I move through life; I see my goals and dreams through starry eyes. I know my true purpose and the adventure begins again each day.

Love & Truth,


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The Evolved Indigo—Forgiveness

The Cage is an Illusion

One night I dreamed I was wearing a T-shirt that said “compassion” across the front. Slowly it all came together. When you acknowledge to yourself that you are no longer under law, “I am under grace, I don’t have to be the warrior anymore,” you can open yourself to compassion; for yourself and for others.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred Hindu text, the god Krishna tells yogi Arjuna that it is a misjudgment to focus on the outcomes of our efforts rather than on the efforts themselves,

“The man who is devoted and not attached to the fruit of his actions obtains tranquility.”

This was difficult for me, but I had to face the shift in consciousness and accept myself for who I was, a complete universe in my own right. I had to remind myself that my ego was the only thing that made me feel fearful, alone, and not accepted. I had to forgive myself. Detaching emotionally, even a bit at a time, can create a monumental turning point in life, faith, and forgiveness.

Grace is honoring the divinity of a situation, person, place, thing or existence, while not dealing with it, blocking it or denying it, is excusing it. Through Grace we forgive.  All we have to focus on is Grace. When you change your present, you can change your future. Whenever I feel sidetracked I say this mantra to myself to help me stay focused, “All you need to do today is love being alive, even it it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done.”  I remind myself to be grateful that I’ve chosen to come into a life, and now of all times, to be part of this brilliant madness that we call the Universe.

Fierce grace is not detachment. It’s the ultimate unity.

When you can move beyond your bubble of experience and see the connection through the Universe, the guilt and shame, the stuff of walls, releases because you sense its illusion. When you “wag more and bark less,” things seem to fall into place. Living your life in service brings about peace. Through grace we forgive. All we have to focus on is grace.

HSPs/Empaths, at the height of sensitivity, anxiety, or stress, can feel that the world is black and white, good and evil. How we teach them the ways of life, how to respect and forgive, is especially important. Raising our children in this supportive manner and teaching through experience encourages Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows who are coming into their gifts. By acknowledging these personal self-realizations, we honor our children giving them what they need now. We honor ourselves by speaking our Warrior’s truths.

I have great respect for my Warrior. I am ready to forgive.

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The Evolved Indigo—The Warrior

What is the Warrior?

The warrior is the Indigo who takes one for the team as a victim soul and their personal process of self-protection and the efforts to protect others in their search for truth. Nice and tidy when you say it, but not so while in the trenches. As an adult Indigo survivor, I had to come to terms with my warrior.

My warrior was the fierce Isis, who took on liars and cheaters and thieves without abandon and with no mercy. I saw, many times, only one-sided injustice where dynamics run deep and muddy. I did my job, and I did it well. I broke up families by making truth mandatory and tragedies public when they wanted to brush truth under the rug or bury it in the backyard. I built walls between sisters and was the slayer of child molesters’ once pristine reputations.

For some warriors, it doesn’t end when the physical experience is over. There are psychological repercussions. I feel that I went through a kind of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was reliving abuse and abandonment over and over and couldn’t let it go—because I felt that if I did, the importance of what I had endured would have been lost.

Letting go of the Warrior’s Initial Job

Triggers can rear their ugly heads when any experience seems threatening. And by threatening I mean anything that has reminiscence of betrayal, feeling emotionally unsafe, or actual abuse. Identifying hot buttons and deciding why some things trigger and other things don’t are important in order to evaluate how they represent present circumstances.

I have learned so much about myself, through my reactions to different situations way after the fact of abuse.  Asking yourself,

“Why does this anger me—make me cry, laugh, or somehow make me remember someone from when I was young.”

Evaluating how you can be real with your thoughts and feelings before you react is extremely important during the forgiving process.

When I realized that my emotions were connected to past traumas of abandonment and abuse and that they had nothing to do with present situations and circumstances, I was able to clearly identify trauma in my life. Thinking about each situation that I’ve reacted to, it’s amazing and fascinating to me that I have carried with me so closely and so deeply and for such a long period of time these traumas without peace. I had been acting them out again and again.

Understanding a Better Way to Create Love

It didn’t have to be through constant repetition of loss and abandonment. It could be through learning from my past and teaching others by what I had experienced. It could be, this time around, through forgiveness.

Through my yoga practice I’ve learned that many times our identity is enmeshed in personal dialog about past traumas. We tend to cling to emotional times that are familiar; yet severing ties from habitual responses is imperative in the process of moving on.

To learn from our experiences, we need to look at our emotional patterns in detail and identify the triggers. We must then make a conscious decision to move away from that pattern and acknowledge every moment when you recognize the pattern resurfacing. Then tell yourself that it is now time to pick up the pieces.

This post is the second in a three-part series.

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The Evolved Indigo—When the Warrior is Ready to Forgive

When the Warrior is Ready to Forgive

Throughout my life, I managed to make it even though I often felt very isolated. In adulthood, and of course in hindsight, I see how my life could have played out differently had I been surrounded by those who believed in me and supported me. I am a strong believer in things happening for a reason.  The adults who surrounded me as a child did the best they could with what they knew how to do. Had they known better, they would have done better. And that’s why we’re here to teach each other now—because we can do better.  Teachers of self-empowerment could have made such a difference in my life as a warrior.

We must remember that Indigos share a purpose: to educate and transform.

This is done in two stages for the Indigo—the warrior stage and the stage of forgiveness. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I feel that one of my services to the spiritual community is expressing the importance of messages alerted to us not only by our personal guides and angels, but by our children. In order to do it better it is so important that we are aware.

This post is the first of a three part series. Be on the lookout for:

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