Padmes Card of the Day—Justice reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot Justice reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—Justice reversed

Possibly starting last night or in your dreamscape past wrongs, betrayals, and disloyalty have been surfacing as memories you’d rather forget. Let them bubble up and release into the atmosphere. Truly this is part of your healing process. You’ve come this far. These fears and disappointments run deep. Just remember, you have a whole spirit team working for you. Those “enemies” led you to your higher self perfectly. #higherself #tarot #justicereversed #mystic #metaphysical <3

Padmes October Card of the Month—Justice Reversed

Padmes Card of the Month Justice ReversedPadmes October 2014 Card of the Month Justice Reversed

The perfect card for a Mercury Retrograde month! Justice is about fairness and completing cycles with karma—agreements coming full circle and moving on from past decisions that have been settled one way or the other. Because Miss Justice is reversed this month, she has some explaining to do.

It’s important to look at all the facts and figures. Just because you don’t look at what’s right in front of you doesn’t mean it’s not there! Brushing things under the rug will lead to issues later. Dealing with all the cards on the table will help you in the long run! Be honest with yourself and do what you would want others to know you did. Integrity will come back to you. See the truth for what it is instead of trying to water it down or make it different.

For some reason it looks as though being objective might be a challenge this month. So keep your neutrality the best way you can. Jumping the gun can cause problems and delays in the future—or can hurry things up in the wrong way. Make sure you’re dealing with a full deck of info before you leap off the fence into a done deal.

It looks like someone you trust may be a sneaky monkey not revealing all they know. Sometimes survival mode can take over and fear steps in. Make sure you know who reacts with “every chick for herself!” when storms come.

Keeping your emotions at bay while making critical decisions is important. If this is a tricky situation that pulls at the heartstrings or that gets the blood boiling, sleep on it! It’s important that you’re proud of your choices, even if they’re difficult.

Justice reversed shows us the parts of ourselves that are reactive if we let them run without our rule. Coming into your center and deciding what is best for you in your full consciousness is the meditation.

October’s Affirmation: “I am at peace with being in my present moment. I respond when I am coming from my heart-center and I’m balanced in my judgement.”