February 2015 Card of the Month—Queen of Cups

Queen of cups Padmes Card of the MonthQueen of Cups— Padmes February 2015 Card of the Month

Queen of Cups—Card of the Month—The ultimate lady of intrinsic satisfaction, emotional healing, and authentic nurturing. If you were having reservations about emotional aspects of yourself that sometimes you wish would just stay put—way down there, let the poor girl out of the cave. You can and will handle this part of yourself with ease and care and grace, more so than you suspected you could. When we acknowledge pain and past hurts, they can begin to heal and release. When we don’t, it can be pretty difficult to live in the present moment… especially when the past keeps a lock on that door.

Relationships this month can get deep real quick. They can step into waters that normally we avoid treading. The Queen of Cups is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting to the bottom of emotional self-discovery and healing at the base level. She asks the questions, touches the wounds, and centers the soul when the answers begin to brim over. This can be an amazing month of healing through joy if you can be aware of your own process and able to identify your truth when making choices. i.e. not including choices that mirror past patterns of which would be ineffective at the different frequency you reside in now anyway.

The business world in terms of this emotional outpouring of your internal soul may be riding on circumstances and happenstance this month. Taking on more than you can handle to help someone else out, or to appear more helpful than one person could actually be in this situation may knock you out if you’re not careful. Part of this Queen’s process is to balance and adjust using intuition and gut feelings… The idea is not to overextend out of empathy. Keep your wits about you. Acknowledge your feelings about what’s going on around you and then bring them to your mind’s eye. Now how do you see this playing out when you’re not triggered?

February’s Affirmation—”I acknowledge and dive deep into the parts of me that I know to be true, honor my authenticity, and accept my Truth Self.”

Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed

Padmes Card of the Month Knight of wands reversedThis month is about looking into your soul and moving away from anyone and anything that comes between you and your Divine purpose. When business endeavors or choices don’t pan out the way you expected, it’s not that you’re way off base. It’s that the Universe is tracking your every move and helping you get to that place of aligned presence. The proximity of your goals and your dreams—so close! Not a month to give up on anything, just entertain a different way to pursue the direction you’re going.

If there’s something that feels out of sync, take a look at what you can do differently. Passion and momentum are upon you, the logistics are coming together. There’s a need to let things play out a bit more before action. In order to see what it is that needs to be done, you’ll have to have some patience, even if that drives you a little crazy. Get deep into that truth center and acknowledge that you are fully supported. This month can be a test to your understanding your full truth potential. You can feel this and respond to the new roads opening in your favor.

Your attitude navigates a lot of your projects and outcomes between now and the new year. Raising your frequency and focusing your attentions to your goals’ accomplishment without judgement can not only be challenging… But feasible! You’re in the short stretch. You can get there if you tap into that well of wisdom. You can also tap into the self-doubt and doldrums this month and fill yourself with anxiety which can shut you down like a rolling black out of unconsciousness. Choose wisely. Why not choose with amusement?

“You cannot solve a problem with the same energy in which it was created.” —Albert Einstein

Affirmation for December 2015 “I fully embrace and embody my potential as a dream maker and outcome creator. I envision my truth and watch it unfold before me.”

Card of the Month November 2014 —Judgment

Padmes Card of the MonthJudgment—Padmes  Card of the Month November 2014

Beautiful for looking forward in a new direction. This card signifies new truth and new purpose behind changes if you can see them as opportunities and move toward them with receptivity rather than resistance; accept change with love and an open heart rather than meeting it with fear.

In relation to career, this month can reveal a rebirth and a call to deeply consider your purpose and where you are in your process of aligning your Truth with happiness through your work. It’s time to channel your energies to manifest truly enlightened experiences that make your heart sing, whether this is dancing to the beat of your own drum, or being part of a company whose mission coincides with your own passions.

Contact others who share your ideals and connect with them. Creating an interest group, support group, or becoming involved with a cause can elevate your awareness at this time for core healing.

When it comes to relationships in November, it’s important to remember that each party is not only in their own process in their own time, but acting out a higher truth.

“We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.” —Stephen M. R. Covey

Softening to another’s point of view even just to understand and connect with where they are coming from can be a powerful tool in forgiveness, self-awareness, and reconciliation. Remember to see the lesson in how our truth shows itself to us by way of others reflecting it back to us.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to take action, this is an action card. It tells us to move forward with new and exciting adventures; to forge ahead through undefined paths, be assured that the Universe has your back and you’ll find your way. A new awakening is before you. Let it unfold and be ready in an instant to take it up on any grand synchronicities and life-changing prospects.
November’s Affirmation: “I honor my true self by accepting sparks of inspiration as guidance to self-discovery and connection with my Divine being.” 

Padmes October Card of the Month—Justice Reversed

Padmes Card of the Month Justice ReversedPadmes October 2014 Card of the Month Justice Reversed

The perfect card for a Mercury Retrograde month! Justice is about fairness and completing cycles with karma—agreements coming full circle and moving on from past decisions that have been settled one way or the other. Because Miss Justice is reversed this month, she has some explaining to do.

It’s important to look at all the facts and figures. Just because you don’t look at what’s right in front of you doesn’t mean it’s not there! Brushing things under the rug will lead to issues later. Dealing with all the cards on the table will help you in the long run! Be honest with yourself and do what you would want others to know you did. Integrity will come back to you. See the truth for what it is instead of trying to water it down or make it different.

For some reason it looks as though being objective might be a challenge this month. So keep your neutrality the best way you can. Jumping the gun can cause problems and delays in the future—or can hurry things up in the wrong way. Make sure you’re dealing with a full deck of info before you leap off the fence into a done deal.

It looks like someone you trust may be a sneaky monkey not revealing all they know. Sometimes survival mode can take over and fear steps in. Make sure you know who reacts with “every chick for herself!” when storms come.

Keeping your emotions at bay while making critical decisions is important. If this is a tricky situation that pulls at the heartstrings or that gets the blood boiling, sleep on it! It’s important that you’re proud of your choices, even if they’re difficult.

Justice reversed shows us the parts of ourselves that are reactive if we let them run without our rule. Coming into your center and deciding what is best for you in your full consciousness is the meditation.

October’s Affirmation: “I am at peace with being in my present moment. I respond when I am coming from my heart-center and I’m balanced in my judgement.” 

Padmes Card of the Month—8 of Wands

8 of Wands padmes card of the month8 of Wands—Hurry it up, Monkey!

Each month I pull a card representing the month’s energy ahead—The 8 of wands sends the message that it’s time to get going! Fast opportunities, open windows, and communications. No time for procrastination! It’s about being in the flow, recognizing this flow and not taking a moment for granted. Time to make choices and get in the game. Fast thinking will get you places this month.

Sudden excitement and celebration is afoot for business junctures. Positive steps forward and progress are apparent. What you are still needing in order to complete a project seemingly falls into alignment without much effort on your part. (However, if there’s a lot of paperwork involved, you might want to give yourself more time to complete it.) Finances are looking up as well. You may have a full client calendar after the synchronistic meetings that occur in the weeks to come. So get ready for greatness!

The 8 of wands is about moving past any stagnation in your life. Things that were bringing you down tend to make a flip as new hope sets in. Thoughts and dreams may turn toward love and romance (conclusions move quickly… so keep in mind which way that pendulum is swinging when it comes to relationships, you don’t have to get caught up in the quickness of the month when it comes to decisions of love whichever way it is headed), or renewed love toward personal projects and business.Keep your attention focused on the goal at hand. Things seem to happen quickly, so be ready for the next steps or to implement new plans after the goal is accomplished.

If it’s time for a confrontation of some kind, a heated discussion rather than a slow and steady approach is what will move things forward. A thank-you note is okay to email instead of snail mail this month—getting the thought across faster rather than “cuter” is more effective at this time.

New approaches to health and fitness can come together for you this month. If you’re looking for new lifestyle changes, take a route that is no nonsense. That class that you’ve been thinking about? Time to sign up and go. That Raw foods diet that you’ve been reading about and going back and forth on? Do it. The Paleo that you fell off of a couple of months ago? Jump back on.This month is full of amazing momentum that is there for you to take full advantage of! Get in the flow and see your thoughts produce the results you’re dreaming about.

September Affirmation: “I step into the heartspace of Universal flow that is the rhythm of my own truth.”