Padmes Card-of-the-Month August 2014 — The High Priestess—Access Your Intuition

Padmes Card of the Month-The High PirestessEach month I pull a card representing the month’s energy ahead—The High Priestess is ready to sing from her heart.

She focuses on the pursuits of passion, wisdom, and following the beat of her own footsteps, for she knows her truth is the only truth.

In career this month, trust your gut. There may be some secrecy and hidden knowledge that hasn’t come to the surface just yet. You already know you don’t have all the info and the feeling of not being able to put your finger on it is present. A decision may have to be made before you have all of the information. Don’t sweat it. There’s not a lot you can do until you get more information. The High Priestess is just letting you know you’re not crazy.

In terms of relationship August is a magnificent month for getting deep. Relationships with the High Priestess present are often quite karmic and have currents of past lives. This often shows up as specific childhood dynamics being played out in a romantic relationship. The High Priestess gives hope that these dynamics are able to work themselves through and each partner can add a healing compensation to the others’ deficit. Be kind and soft when working through these issues. Have an open heart and use your inside voice.

Moving with the tides of your intuition and going with the flow is important this month. You may decide something one minute and then when you get there decide to change it up. Perfectly good. The High Priestess is letting us know that it’s ok to change your mind, listen to your intuition as it relates to the ever-changing chart of life, and believe in what you’re sensing. Don’t question it, just go with it. Following your instincts this month could be huge in the grand span of things.

August is also a good month for choosing or pursuing paths of study or getting serious about what your future holds in regards to new forms of education. This includes higher education, college, workshops, seminars, and the like and includes further study for work, spirituality, and hobbies. This is more about how your energy changes when you are in this stronghold of study—how it lifts you and fills you with satisfaction. This is a personal endeavor, though it will affect many with the feelings of wanting to share or teach their new expertise in some way to others. Not a time to let go of education or learning, so don’t put it down even if you are conflicted about how to proceed. It will come in a way you don’t expect. The High Priestess always supports the direction of your Soul Path.

August Affirmation: “I allow my own inner wisdom and connection to the Universe to reflect in my actions, decisions, and intentions and I trust my Spirit.”

Padmes Card of the Month —Page of Wands

Padmes card of the month page of wandsThe Page of Wands is passionate about expressing his truth and feeding his soul.

He focuses on his gifts and manifests creativity with creativity.

Another message the Page of Wands offers is to be yourself. Simple… But not so simple. Being your most true self in every aspect of your life can be a practice. Where society kicks in and rules are afoot, how can you truly express your own identity?

This month will fill you with direction if you’re willing to walk the path that is only you. It’s okay to pull away from society a bit and acknowledge your core beliefs and what that looks like to you moving forward in the world around you. This month may also be hinged with a few worthy breakthroughs following a breakdown or two.

Seeking the highest way to live life at this time, looking back at lessons learned and with great power, carrying on ahead with the knowledge that you have been through something is how the Page of Fire (Wands) rolls. He appreciates his life’s trials and errors. He feels it makes him stronger, smarter, faster, and ultimately, better for it. This is a time when you may feel like you’re starting something new, or moving forward with your life in a new way. After April’s Grand Cross, I think there’s a lot of that going around! New beginnings and “Clean Cups!”—The Mad Hatter

Regarding Relationships this month, Romantic, business, or friends, it’s time to get serious about connection. Are you in it for the long haul? What are your like-values and what do you have in common? Are your dynamics going to drive you or can you truly grow together? These questions need to be grokked this month and choices need to be evaluated.

Work-related projects are catch-and-release until you land the perfect gig! Anything you start this month that you’re passionate about can really take off. So don’t bother with the small stuff, or the situations and commitments where you just don’t have all your ducks in the basket. Get serious about what you really want to do. Your life purpose can really align with your path right now if you open your receiving and allow in only the good-good.

When making decisions this month, your best advice is to hold on to what is most important. Do what you have to do in order to achieve balance in your own conscious. You will sleep better, I promise. This crosses the gamut of life: work and career, personal time, relationships, and awareness, group endeavors.

Angel Messages

With the Card of the month about your values and life passions running the show, the angel card, Queen of Water, comes in to make sure you’re honoring your emotions. Anything that you’ve been tucking away to deal with later will be coming out to play, and giving yourself some space to process is a good idea. Nurturing yourself through this month is important.

This card also indicates a time when you can count on a nurturing other for advice, clear understanding, and appreciation of the whole story. Someone who can see the big picture. Don’t feel like you have to do this all alone. If you need someone to listen, it’s okay to vent or bounce new ideas off of a trusted friend.

May Affirmation: “I trust my own intuition and feel free to express my true Spirit.”

April 2014 Card of the Month — 3 of Coins! Bring in the Team!

Padmes Card of the Month 3 of EarthEach month I pull a card representing the month ahead—The Three of Coins holds the energy of beginnings touched by grace! It’s also all about being in touch with how you include yourself and how you accept others…In other words…Tribe Trust…

Speaking your truth no matter where you are, at home in your sanctuary or in a work environment, this is the key to success this month. It’s not only important for your voice, it’s important in the successful functioning of the tribe.

There’s a misconception that being “professional” means that you can’t get your needs met, whether you need a day off or just a coffee break. Well this month is all about releasing that false belief. Your needs as a body must always come first. This means that others’ body needs come first too. Embracing this nurturing way of living is an important aspect to heart-conscious living. Sometimes this false belief comes from our family-of-origin-dynamics… It’s time to recognize that your needs are acceptable, appreciated, and understood.

Embrace Assistance • Allow Receiving • Heal

Another aspect to the 3 of Earth is the importance of teamwork. The village needs everyone! You and your neighbors and friends. The idea that we can go it alone is not in the cards this month. Not only is it about asking for what you need and accepting the help, it’s about callin in the big dogs—pulling in the tribe and acknowledging who your tribe is. Your family from anotha mutha? This is your non-family of origin family. This family is a huge part of your life and evolution as a soul.

We choose these special beings because they understand us in our adult lives often in a way that is needed because the family dynamics we grew up with did not offer this type of support. This is your healing tribe. Know them and be there for them. Allow teamwork into your life. You don’t have to do it all. You can be part of the village. In fact, living in sync with the village can bring amazing joy if you allow it! More can be accomplished in your tribe than you could accomplish on your own at this time.

Padmes April Angel Card ReadingAngel Messages

After studying with Doreen Virtue in March at the I Can Do It Hay House Conference in her Angel Card Certification course, I was guided to ask Archangel Michael for a message for this month in addition to the Card of the Month and he didn’t disappoint! In fact, 2 cards flew from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael deck: Let Go of Fear Now, and Make a Commitment. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does!

With the Card of the month, 3 of coins, about teamwork, it’s time to let go of old thinking that has to do with not being able to trust others to “do it the right way.” In fact, allowing others’ input and their ways of doing things is going to be the best path for you this month, even if you’re usually an, “I have to do it myself in order to get it done right” kind of person!

If you’ve been procrastinating on a decision that involves others, it’s time to take the plunge. Fear may not only be keeping you from coming closer to the completion of an amazing goal, it’s also keeping you from community of which you may have neglected to realize the importance! Let it go and Jump in the pool! Commit! You are surrounded by support. The angels and the Universe have your back in this decision and its outcome.

April Affirmation: I trust those who I’ve chosen as my family of friends. I can count on my community and I add value to my village.



Padmes Card of the Month—Ace of Wands Powerfully Creative New Beginnings

Each month I pull a card representing the month ahead—We welcome Spring this month with the perfect New Beginnings card! The Ace of Wands is Padmes Card of the Month!

Padmes Card of the MonthMarch is pure permission to follow the path to what you want. What is your pot of gold? What are you doing each and every day to move closer to it?

Whether you’ve been on a long journey or are just wrapping one up (or if it just feels that way, thanks Mercury Retrograde, and goodbye!), the Ace of Wands offers new insight, new innovations, and new hope. This card indicates alignment with your true passions and the drive to move forward with them. Fire wants to come through you in a new way. Nothing can stop Spirit expressing through you, but you! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Truth and direction wield decisions through Divine guidance. Fire energy from the wands is pulled into the physical to inhabit, incubate, and explode creativity into every part of your life… if you let it!

The Ace of Wands energy is true inspiration and full-on Universal support coming from within and reaching outward into the world. If you can think it, you can do it. It’s the perfect time to engage in new activities, workout regimens, and eating habits. It shows the strength of what you are capable of… You can heal yourself with every ounce of your energetic being!

This energy is pure permission to follow your creative thoughts and feelings of intuition. Your desires and thoughts and dreams grow toward you by accomplishing goals and celebrating successes along the way. It is not the time for negativity. Bringing everyone down around you will get you cast out of the faerie circle but quick. It’s also not the time to throw in the towel. No sniveling! Get going!

Career looks ridiculously fruitful if you’re working on your own terms. This can be with a group or for yourself, but the trick here has to do with managing your projects how you want them to be managed. You’re at your best this month when you do things your way!

The intense feelings of starting something new or picking up and continuing a project that you’ve put down are right on. Moving homes, having a baby, starting a new job, renewing a relationship: this card indicates a turning point in your life that is filled with adventure. You must not wait for all this to fall in your lap, however. You need to take action—Leap on the boat! Jump in the pool! Grab on with both hands! Act upon your vision of hope.

March Affirmation: “I am in alignment to and express willingly the creative fire that moves my spirit.”

February 2014 Card of the Month —King of Cups

My Perfect Valentine: King of Cups

Each month I pull a card representing the month ahead—Let the synchronicities begin! Yes, the King of Cups is about as perfect a Valentine as you can get!

This February is about knowing Love as your true nature. Allow forgiveness, connection, and empowerment through self-acceptance. Meet and appreciate others wherever they are in their process.

This Month we find our truth by letting go of old grudges. Those grudges that you put carefully away? It’s time to dig them out, throw them in the river, and watch them float away. You no longer need them to protect your feelings or save face. You can give yourself permission to release the past hurts and forgive the inflicting parties.

The hard sell is not going to make you popular this month and it is not the time to pick fights. It’s also not the time to hang the past over someone’s head. Grudges take up precious space that can be used to launch you forward in your own frequencies, abilities, and endeavors, so it’s time to clean those dusty goblets and get rid of anything taking up that real estate!

Diplomacy is a must this month. When you’re drawing support and you’re gathering resources, you’ll get more bees with honey…It’s time to get deep and express your feelings.

When it comes to crimes of the heart and career, delicate situations call for compassion and control of your emotions! Great trust of your intuition is valuable at this time. Reactionary acting out… not so much. When in a confusing dynamic, be assured that not everyone involved is expressing their true feelings. You may have to ask the hard questions to do any problem solving.

Love relationships this month can reflect a deeper part of love that sometimes gets ignored as a result of life getting in the way. Depths have the capacity of being “seen” this month. Witnessing someone for who they really are and showing appreciation for that tender knowledge can catapult a relationship forward into a fulfilling future!

When it comes to self-investigation, the energy of the King of Cups is very grounded in who he truly is. He can have the confidence to try new things and see opportunities with an open mind because he knows his truest life force is love. Let quiet power, dignity, and wisdom wash through you in February when you’re looking for peace.

The King of Cups draws us into our Love consciousness. Removing armor and dropping walls allows vulnerability and connection to the power of love in consciousness, connecting to our true nature. This card represents standing in your Universal flow. If you’ve been feeling like you’re missing something, or that you’ve missed the boat, now is the time to call on King of Cups energy!

February Affirmation: “I now align to the Universal flow of love and allow my heart center to open and share this light.”