February 2014 Card of the Month —King of Cups

My Perfect Valentine: King of Cups

Each month I pull a card representing the month ahead—Let the synchronicities begin! Yes, the King of Cups is about as perfect a Valentine as you can get!

This February is about knowing Love as your true nature. Allow forgiveness, connection, and empowerment through self-acceptance. Meet and appreciate others wherever they are in their process.

This Month we find our truth by letting go of old grudges. Those grudges that you put carefully away? It’s time to dig them out, throw them in the river, and watch them float away. You no longer need them to protect your feelings or save face. You can give yourself permission to release the past hurts and forgive the inflicting parties.

The hard sell is not going to make you popular this month and it is not the time to pick fights. It’s also not the time to hang the past over someone’s head. Grudges take up precious space that can be used to launch you forward in your own frequencies, abilities, and endeavors, so it’s time to clean those dusty goblets and get rid of anything taking up that real estate!

Diplomacy is a must this month. When you’re drawing support and you’re gathering resources, you’ll get more bees with honey…It’s time to get deep and express your feelings.

When it comes to crimes of the heart and career, delicate situations call for compassion and control of your emotions! Great trust of your intuition is valuable at this time. Reactionary acting out… not so much. When in a confusing dynamic, be assured that not everyone involved is expressing their true feelings. You may have to ask the hard questions to do any problem solving.

Love relationships this month can reflect a deeper part of love that sometimes gets ignored as a result of life getting in the way. Depths have the capacity of being “seen” this month. Witnessing someone for who they really are and showing appreciation for that tender knowledge can catapult a relationship forward into a fulfilling future!

When it comes to self-investigation, the energy of the King of Cups is very grounded in who he truly is. He can have the confidence to try new things and see opportunities with an open mind because he knows his truest life force is love. Let quiet power, dignity, and wisdom wash through you in February when you’re looking for peace.

The King of Cups draws us into our Love consciousness. Removing armor and dropping walls allows vulnerability and connection to the power of love in consciousness, connecting to our true nature. This card represents standing in your Universal flow. If you’ve been feeling like you’re missing something, or that you’ve missed the boat, now is the time to call on King of Cups energy!

February Affirmation: “I now align to the Universal flow of love and allow my heart center to open and share this light.”