February 2014 Card of the Month —King of Cups

My Perfect Valentine: King of Cups

Each month I pull a card representing the month ahead—Let the synchronicities begin! Yes, the King of Cups is about as perfect a Valentine as you can get!

This February is about knowing Love as your true nature. Allow forgiveness, connection, and empowerment through self-acceptance. Meet and appreciate others wherever they are in their process.

This Month we find our truth by letting go of old grudges. Those grudges that you put carefully away? It’s time to dig them out, throw them in the river, and watch them float away. You no longer need them to protect your feelings or save face. You can give yourself permission to release the past hurts and forgive the inflicting parties.

The hard sell is not going to make you popular this month and it is not the time to pick fights. It’s also not the time to hang the past over someone’s head. Grudges take up precious space that can be used to launch you forward in your own frequencies, abilities, and endeavors, so it’s time to clean those dusty goblets and get rid of anything taking up that real estate!

Diplomacy is a must this month. When you’re drawing support and you’re gathering resources, you’ll get more bees with honey…It’s time to get deep and express your feelings.

When it comes to crimes of the heart and career, delicate situations call for compassion and control of your emotions! Great trust of your intuition is valuable at this time. Reactionary acting out… not so much. When in a confusing dynamic, be assured that not everyone involved is expressing their true feelings. You may have to ask the hard questions to do any problem solving.

Love relationships this month can reflect a deeper part of love that sometimes gets ignored as a result of life getting in the way. Depths have the capacity of being “seen” this month. Witnessing someone for who they really are and showing appreciation for that tender knowledge can catapult a relationship forward into a fulfilling future!

When it comes to self-investigation, the energy of the King of Cups is very grounded in who he truly is. He can have the confidence to try new things and see opportunities with an open mind because he knows his truest life force is love. Let quiet power, dignity, and wisdom wash through you in February when you’re looking for peace.

The King of Cups draws us into our Love consciousness. Removing armor and dropping walls allows vulnerability and connection to the power of love in consciousness, connecting to our true nature. This card represents standing in your Universal flow. If you’ve been feeling like you’re missing something, or that you’ve missed the boat, now is the time to call on King of Cups energy!

February Affirmation: “I now align to the Universal flow of love and allow my heart center to open and share this light.”

Card of the Week—King of Cups Reversed + The Moon = More Drama!

Reversed King of Cups and The MoonGet ready for some unexpected events to occur that may knock you around a bit emotionally, in an irritated fashion…

King of Cups Reversed and The Moon

If you can take a step back out of that physical layer of awareness, take a deep breath, and notice how the Universe is responding to you, instead of you responding to the Universe… You will get out of this without too many scratches!

When things don’t go your way or not as expected, it’s time to go with the flow and see how creative you can be to come up with a Plan B. In the long run, Plan B may be the best plan, it’s just irksome to get that message by having to come up with it when you think you already have everything under control. Oh, HA! Jokes on you! Tell the Universe you have a plan, right? And She laughs at you :)

It’s always good to have the plan. It’s wise, though, to trust the Universe—and when things get crazy, know there’s a better game plan, even if you don’t see it yet.

This is also a time where forgiving may be necessary even if you aren’t the one being forgiven. A seeing the bigger picture on your part, the expansion of your own rhythms, can relieve you from drama taken to an obscene level with no chance of resolution anyway… Understanding of your Family of Friends, Family of Origin, and the patterns in your personal lineage can be quite an epiphany for you at this time.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was right or just. It means that you’ve had enough and you’re ready to move on. Ready to let it go so that it doesn’t weigh you and your personal healing down any longer. The more you know about your patterns and why you react to what it is that drives you to the end of the pier, the more you can let it go.

It’s when we aren’t aware that issues fester and fight to come to the surface. “Let me out!!!!” The relief of this doesn’t have to be so loud. It can be a silent exhale.



Card of the Week—Knight of Cups + The Moon = Drama

knight of cupsThis Knight could carry you away, sweep you off your feet, and get you pregnant in 5 seconds.

Since we’re working with The Moon energy this month, it’s a good bet to keep your wits about you and take it s l o w. This could also be a charmer that is a shoulder to cry on after some intense family interactions. This could be someone you knew from the past that you will be in touch with for the holidays.

Normally this card would indicate some fantastic connections, heartfelt hugs, and romantic rendezvous, but with the moon in our midst, it’s important to keep it cool, Honeybunny. Though he’s quite attentive right now, and reminds you of Robin Hood (in the good way), this person could be a bit flakey in the long run, or this could signify some bittersweet codependency.

This might even be a one-night-stand if you’re not careful—even if it seems really awesome at the time. There are some emotional loose ends that aren’t playing out this week. This could also be a case of projecting the perfect person onto another who looks like they would fit the role you’ve been manifesting.

To make sure this is the real deal, hold your ground and try to stay strong in your senses. Don’t drink a little too much or get caught up in the way things used to be or fall prey to daydreams of your future. Staying present and being an observer is a good way to go right now.

If this is not a person in your life, but a new experience or opportunity, it has some of the same characteristics, so some realism is needed to make any final decisions. Make those decisions with a clear head!

This card also can signify that it’s time to do some self care rather than be there for others so much. Being there for others is not a bad thing—but it may be time to turn that nurturing inward and figure out what’s tripping your emotional buttons right now before you make any long-term commitments.



Card of the Week—6 of Cups—Attachment to the Past and Forgiveness

6 of cupsLetting Go of what No Longer Serves Your Greatest Good—Forgiving

Ah, the 6 of cups. Attachment to the past can look like memories, childhood history, karma, past life relationships, or loved ones who have passed. This card signifies a time of self reflection different than the Hermit. This is the time to really look at, feel into emotional blocks from things that have happened in the past and that are keeping you stuck there.

The 6 of cups shows that forgiveness is necessary in order for you to step out of that old bubble and into your new energy. Often this is about forgiving yourself, grieving a loss of any kind be that a person, a friendship, or a time. And then resolve to let go. Forgiveness is a process that so very often goes in layers. But you can’t forgive unless you start the process.

How to Forgive, It’s a Biggie

Forgiveness is the heart work that we do to experience personal freedom. It awakens us to consciousness and propels us to touch on our own Divine Light and Oneness.

10 Steps to Forgiveness

  1. Acknowledge the energy is there. (A crime has occurred)
  2. Remember what put it there. (What was the crime or transgression that initiated your pain, sadness, anger, or fear?)
  3. Witness it.
  4. Sit with it.
  5. Feel it.
  6. Touch on what you’ve learned from this experience. What did Spirit have in mind for this experience for you?
  7. Intend that the past is now behind you.
  8. Watch that past energy flow down your grounding cord into the center of the earth to be transmuted.
  9. Surround yourself with high-frequency light and bask in it!
  10. Repeat as needed. This is a process!

See it, learn from it, get neutral, let go.


Card of the Week—Ace of Cups—Peace, Compassion, Love

Ace of CupsThis week continues to vibrate at the fast frequency of last week. Things are moving quickly, projects are coming together, you’re communicating and being pursued via text, eMail, phone, and by chance with information that propels you forward and into new energy of a positive kind.

That being said, Ace of cups brings us some amazing emotional fulfillment and some rather love-filled days to come. Compatible and harmonious friendships are brought together to blast forward in love and joy. This card symbolizes lifetime friendships and true, deep love ties.

If you’ve been leery of love relationships, or simply protective of your heart, now is the time to step forward with confidence into a new relationship. Each relationship is different even though we carry patterns, so no, you won’t have the same experience with a new relationship as you did a previous relationship. This card represents an entrance to intimacy that will blow your socks off.

This week expect to find that person or thing that completes a puzzle that you may not even know you’re putting together. This brings fulfillment that goes beyond what you thought your heart could even reach. There is great healing and love at the end of a long tunnel and the next few days lights a new path for health, love, and commitment, friendship and projects that are considered life-changers. Deep rewarding projects are in your energy field.

The Ace of Cups is about water. It represents all water signs and their watery emotional goodness. Compassion and love reign over any story or misstep. Forgive, let go, love. This week expressing your emotions is important and progressive. Holding back creates blocks that you don’t want to spend the rest of the year overcoming. If someone comes to you this week with emotional information or sadness they would like to convey, your greatest good is to listen with your heart. Turn the analyzer off. This is about emotional support.

Empaths, really pay attention to your energy… Ask yourself, “Is this my energy, or someone else’s?” Because you will be picking up everything around you! Try to stay grounded and not freak out when you get emotionally overwhelmed. This may look like exhaustion just from talking with someone or being in a place with a bunch of other people. Make sure you have enough time to yourself to re-juice.

If you’re creating art right now, use this time to let your emotions rise to the surface. Let it out in your expression. This piece will communicate what words cannot.

A very rewarding week for being emotionally connected. Spiritual growth cannot be sidestepped this week. You’re in it to win it, whether you like it or not.

Your intuition is right on, so believe what you’re seeing and accept that you know your own light. Be gentle with yourself. Notice what you’re thankful for, and spread some of that love!

All this with the power of the 8 of wands at play as well. Fast flying love and compassion, here we come!

PS If you’re in the market for a new home to buy or rent, this week looks good for finding that place, making the decision to move, or a full on move. Don’t forget to sage and clear your new space!