Card of the Week— The Star Card

the star card padmes card of the weekThe Week of the Star is all about Hope!

This is a definite soul path card. It’s time to acknowledge your true calling and step into your greatness. This week it’s time to shine.

Do things that allow your sacred self to be wined and dined! If that’s reading a book that relates to your passions, going to an event that inspires you, or writing in your dream journal, then move forward with those activities!

The Star Card shows us there is more to come! To realize your outcome you must pave the way! Align with your dreams by moving toward them. You move toward them by surrounding yourself with like energy. That includes people, places, and things. Surround yourself with people who believe in the same goal you have, places that facilitate that intention, and things that remind you or have you doing something related to your intention. This stirs the energy in your favor.

The Star card is positive in relation to health. When we balance our bodies energetically and nutritionally, we align with the Universe. When we’re aligned, we can move forward with our intentions in a clear effective way. The star appears when we are in a place to rejuvenate and be part of the whole as our own contribution.

That said, with the Three of Earth as our card of the month, the Star pulls us into how we can best benefit the team. To be at your best means being balanced—in order to enhance the many, you must take care of the One! — That’s you!

Make sure this is the group for you if you’re dealing in team playing. if it is, without a doubt, do what you can to come in as your most balanced self. Staying loyal to your truest intention when it comes to why you’re in this team or partnership, is what will propel you this week!

Your potential will be fulfilled when you acknowledge your truth.

Do what you do best!

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Often times when we’re feeling blocked or what my grandma used to call, “ooie,” we’re carrying around energy that no longer serves us, or energy that belonging to someone else!

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Padmes Card of the Week—Queen of Pentacles—Networking Synchronicity

Queen of PentaclesThe Queen of Pentacles tells us to be resourceful!

Connect with what works for the greater good and exude that in all your contacts this week!

This Queen is definitely a networker and likes to connect her colleagues with friends who could each benefit the other. The Queen of Pentacles with the Card of the Month, The King of Cups, encourages you to make investments with your time and money into those things that bring you excitement and lasting contentment!

You can trust your decisions in business this week, particularly because you pull from your own experiences and intuition based on your past situations. You can spot a red flag from a mile a way these days… and in turn, you know when it’s safe to let your guard down.

If you’re recovering from an illness or an emotional setback, take the time you need. Even if someone tries to tell you to react or regenerate otherwise. You know what you need more than anyone else. No need to give into guilting of any kind.

In relationships this week, look for dependability. When evaluating what is best for you, look to the foundation of the relationship before making changes or basing any determinations on future emotional investments.

The Queen of Pentacles also communicates in synchronicity. She will let you know you’re on the right track. And with the King of Cups this month, she’ll be expanding your awareness about moving forward with your true purpose.

Take opportunities that will bring happiness in the long run. If you’ve been putting off joy… Stop it.

It’s the week to reconfigure raising the frequency of your Spirit! Relax into it and breathe deeply.

February 9th Card of the Week—The Empress

The EmpressEmpress energy embodies the second week of February!

Combined with the Card of the Month: The King of Cups, action behind loving kindness brings abundance beyond any previous expectations! The Empress tells us to celebrate life. She is connected to higher consciousness and intuition bringing the healing wisdom of simply “being.” She allows the guidance of Spirit to work through her, allowing others to be in process, witnessing others where they are, and has the ability to stand in her own light as a shining guide while it all unfolds.

Abundance Creates Abundance!

This card also represents being open to the abundance of the Universe. The Empress stands in her full power by not cording to others or being energetically corded. She knows her connection to Divine and fully accepts it. Her heart is open and she exudes this gift, giving others the permission to know who they truly are as well. No need to energetically suck the living daylights out of someone else. Empress sees the One in All… Being Greedy this week, or selfish, does not bode well. Deep appreciation for life, love, relationship and coveted endeavors will lead you to fulfilling your dreams! This week is perfect for creating and nurturing long-term plans. A quickening of fertile energy sweeps across your most loved project or goal! If you’re planning for children, this week can be fruitful for you! Likewise, if you’re beginning a new project, focusing energy on brainstorming and planning could produce genius outcomes this week!

Life’s work, career, and finances are on the upswing!

They flourish with seeds being planted this week. Expect to receive far more than you thought possible! And make sure to water what you want to grow… Deep healing comes this week when you recognize your worth and when you nurture self. Listen to your body and act on what it needs! Blowing off a sign your body gives you (you’re exhausted, but don’t rest; you’re hungry, but you wait to eat till dinner reservations) is not what The Empress has in mind. The fastest way to fall out of your flow is to neglect what your body tell s you! So listen!

In love, The Empress tells you, again, to nurture what you want to grow and flourish.

Specifically with the King of Cups, if you want to build your relationship, or draw your perfect match, this week’s energy supports you in your manifesting. You are what you allow around you, so take heed that you surround yourself with love, support, and joyful people and endeavors. Step into your greatness. Allow the Divine Spark to express through you! Create, Brainstorm, and watch it all fall into perfect order.

Padmes Card of the Week — Page of Swords —Plan Plan Plan

Padmes Card of the week Page of SwordsThe Page of Swords in relation to the card of the month, the 7 of Wands, tells us it’s time for some deep investigation.

What are your beliefs and why? Do you act on an old belief system that may have worked for your ancestors, but does not work for you? Are you carrying around a lineage of limitation? It’s time to let go of false beliefs—beliefs that are not truly yours. Limiting false beliefs can halt a whole life into a box. Why let that happen when the Universe supplies such limitless opportunities?

The Page of Swords tells us to research the bajeebas out of anything we’re planning to take action on. This week is not a time for getting the deal done. Rather it’s a time to look into what we’re wanting to change, move, or build, even if we feel strongly about knowing it all, and then look into it some more. Get the whole picture. You may think you have it, but there’s more lurking and you haven’t seen it yet.

Padmes January Card of the MonthThis week is about reevaluating your game plan.

Acquire more information before taking action of any kind. Don’t think of it as a delay so much, but as time well spent gathering tidbits that will ultimately save the day.

Being careful with your words, not making any commitments just yet, and keeping emotions at bay are the way to go. Just listen. No matter how much you want to swing that sword, don’t! Not yet. This week is prep week.

Be willing to hear what others are offering—and it might not be what you want. Before letting the cat out of the bag, figuring out what it is that would work best for you in the long run is important here. Sleep on it so that you can get your creative intentions flowing and really feel into what you desire long term. Reacting right now would be raining on your parade later.

Padmes Card of the Week — 2 of Cups — Gentle Healing and Forgiveness

Padmes Card of the Week 2 of cupsThis week we’re still in the energy of the 7 of wands and now we have waves of energy represented by the 2 of cups.

From healing yourself to forgiving yourself and others, this combination is showing movement toward alignment in many areas of your life. Whew.

Positive conflict resolution can happen this week. Parties and participants can see both sides of an issue and can make some compromises that can actually maintain contentment for everyone. Emotional balance is afoot. After that Spa day last week, we’re ready for decision making and can do it in just a way that works splendidly for not only our greatest outcome, but for everyone around us.

Padmes January Card of the MonthDecisions this week that may have to do with you and what you thought might shake others up will take a turn and be gracefully received. So this is perfect timing to speak your truth, express your truth, and honor your truth with the people who are most important to you.

In work situations your needs will be acknowledged instead of ignored. This week is good timing for brainstorming and creating group-effort systems that work better than the original plans.

The 2 of Cups also indicates friendships, new relationships, kindred spirits, and relationships moving in a new direction as a result of time spent together and commonalities. Whether there’s romance in the air or you have a new bestie, a relationship is heart-felt.

This week is not the week to keep your feelings to yourself. It’s time to share and acknowledge your appreciation of others and to be honest about your feelings whether it’s with someone else, or being honest with yourself about how you feel.

With the energy of the 7 of wands, the 2 of Cups can be a nudge to do some self-forgiving. Making some difficult decisions and having to stand up for some boundaries that needed to be made, perhaps for some time, can pull out feelings of upset around being a hardass. Even though there was a need for boundaries to happen, guilt about having to make done-deal decisions can become heavy on the conscience. It’s time to let that go. Forgive yourself. And if you know someone else who had to do some boundary enforcing, forgive them while you’re at it. Have some tea and hug it out.