Padmes Card of the Week—Queen of Pentacles—Networking Synchronicity

Queen of PentaclesThe Queen of Pentacles tells us to be resourceful!

Connect with what works for the greater good and exude that in all your contacts this week!

This Queen is definitely a networker and likes to connect her colleagues with friends who could each benefit the other. The Queen of Pentacles with the Card of the Month, The King of Cups, encourages you to make investments with your time and money into those things that bring you excitement and lasting contentment!

You can trust your decisions in business this week, particularly because you pull from your own experiences and intuition based on your past situations. You can spot a red flag from a mile a way these days… and in turn, you know when it’s safe to let your guard down.

If you’re recovering from an illness or an emotional setback, take the time you need. Even if someone tries to tell you to react or regenerate otherwise. You know what you need more than anyone else. No need to give into guilting of any kind.

In relationships this week, look for dependability. When evaluating what is best for you, look to the foundation of the relationship before making changes or basing any determinations on future emotional investments.

The Queen of Pentacles also communicates in synchronicity. She will let you know you’re on the right track. And with the King of Cups this month, she’ll be expanding your awareness about moving forward with your true purpose.

Take opportunities that will bring happiness in the long run. If you’ve been putting off joy… Stop it.

It’s the week to reconfigure raising the frequency of your Spirit! Relax into it and breathe deeply.

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