February 9th Card of the Week—The Empress

The EmpressEmpress energy embodies the second week of February!

Combined with the Card of the Month: The King of Cups, action behind loving kindness brings abundance beyond any previous expectations! The Empress tells us to celebrate life. She is connected to higher consciousness and intuition bringing the healing wisdom of simply “being.” She allows the guidance of Spirit to work through her, allowing others to be in process, witnessing others where they are, and has the ability to stand in her own light as a shining guide while it all unfolds.

Abundance Creates Abundance!

This card also represents being open to the abundance of the Universe. The Empress stands in her full power by not cording to others or being energetically corded. She knows her connection to Divine and fully accepts it. Her heart is open and she exudes this gift, giving others the permission to know who they truly are as well. No need to energetically suck the living daylights out of someone else. Empress sees the One in All… Being Greedy this week, or selfish, does not bode well. Deep appreciation for life, love, relationship and coveted endeavors will lead you to fulfilling your dreams! This week is perfect for creating and nurturing long-term plans. A quickening of fertile energy sweeps across your most loved project or goal! If you’re planning for children, this week can be fruitful for you! Likewise, if you’re beginning a new project, focusing energy on brainstorming and planning could produce genius outcomes this week!

Life’s work, career, and finances are on the upswing!

They flourish with seeds being planted this week. Expect to receive far more than you thought possible! And make sure to water what you want to grow… Deep healing comes this week when you recognize your worth and when you nurture self. Listen to your body and act on what it needs! Blowing off a sign your body gives you (you’re exhausted, but don’t rest; you’re hungry, but you wait to eat till dinner reservations) is not what The Empress has in mind. The fastest way to fall out of your flow is to neglect what your body tell s you! So listen!

In love, The Empress tells you, again, to nurture what you want to grow and flourish.

Specifically with the King of Cups, if you want to build your relationship, or draw your perfect match, this week’s energy supports you in your manifesting. You are what you allow around you, so take heed that you surround yourself with love, support, and joyful people and endeavors. Step into your greatness. Allow the Divine Spark to express through you! Create, Brainstorm, and watch it all fall into perfect order.

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