Happy Anniversary, Pura Vida Reiki Circle!

Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Pura Vida Reiki Circle Meetup!

Goddess Reiki Share DecemberI’m excited to have two Reiki events this month and Yay for 3 years of Reiki goodness! Big hearts of thank you to all the Lightworkers who have lit up this circle and brought their healing game to each event they attended. The world needs you and your work is important. I am grateful for you all and I’m blessed that you’ve added your light to the Crystal Reiki Grid, your personal experiences, empathy, love and for the loving kindness you’ve offered to all who have come to heal and for all those who were healed from afar. You are amazing! Thank you!

Pura Vida Reiki Circle started when I was searching for a Reiki share in Lafayette, CO and couldn’t find one near me. Our first venue was Pura Vida, a holistic spa on Arapahoe and 75th. When the spa closed, I began searching for amazing venues—venues that had a special Spirit that went along with the energy that we were sending out to the world. We found Teresa Dunwell’s Gallery of Enlightenment in Lafayette and were there until it closed, and now we have been aligning with Kelly Big Blue Barn and Adi Shakti in Boulder. It’s been an amazing journey in each of these places, full of lovely faerie and grounded energies.

To honor my mom who passed away, I began Pura Vida Reiki Circle with the first meetup on March 19th, her birthday. Starting in 2011, here we are today, my mom’s birthday month, 2014, 3 years later! The amazing women who have graced this circle, the healing we have witnessed together, and the love and support that we all share is an amazing gift!

Thank you everyone. If you would like to join us, please let me know! You can call me (Meggin O’Morrow) at 623.229.9505, or RSVP at GoddessReikiShare.com. You are very welcome in this circle and we look forward to meeting and sharing Reiki with you! If you cannot attend, we can include you on the Goddess Reiki Share Distance Reiki list so that you can receive healing from afar.



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