Padmes Card of the Week — 2 of Cups — Gentle Healing and Forgiveness

Padmes Card of the Week 2 of cupsThis week we’re still in the energy of the 7 of wands and now we have waves of energy represented by the 2 of cups.

From healing yourself to forgiving yourself and others, this combination is showing movement toward alignment in many areas of your life. Whew.

Positive conflict resolution can happen this week. Parties and participants can see both sides of an issue and can make some compromises that can actually maintain contentment for everyone. Emotional balance is afoot. After that Spa day last week, we’re ready for decision making and can do it in just a way that works splendidly for not only our greatest outcome, but for everyone around us.

Padmes January Card of the MonthDecisions this week that may have to do with you and what you thought might shake others up will take a turn and be gracefully received. So this is perfect timing to speak your truth, express your truth, and honor your truth with the people who are most important to you.

In work situations your needs will be acknowledged instead of ignored. This week is good timing for brainstorming and creating group-effort systems that work better than the original plans.

The 2 of Cups also indicates friendships, new relationships, kindred spirits, and relationships moving in a new direction as a result of time spent together and commonalities. Whether there’s romance in the air or you have a new bestie, a relationship is heart-felt.

This week is not the week to keep your feelings to yourself. It’s time to share and acknowledge your appreciation of others and to be honest about your feelings whether it’s with someone else, or being honest with yourself about how you feel.

With the energy of the 7 of wands, the 2 of Cups can be a nudge to do some self-forgiving. Making some difficult decisions and having to stand up for some boundaries that needed to be made, perhaps for some time, can pull out feelings of upset around being a hardass. Even though there was a need for boundaries to happen, guilt about having to make done-deal decisions can become heavy on the conscience. It’s time to let that go. Forgive yourself. And if you know someone else who had to do some boundary enforcing, forgive them while you’re at it. Have some tea and hug it out.


Padmes Card of the Week — 4 of Swords — Head to the Spa

Padmes Card of the Week 4 of swordsThis week’s energy represents the 4 of Swords with the card of the Month’s energy, the 7 of wands.

It’s time to do a little meditating on a particular challenge or quandary that is keeping you from action. The 4 of swords is also a signal to rejuvenate. Ok, and if you want to know, this is my SPA card. It’s the card that tells me it’s time for a massage, pedicure, eucalyptus steam room, and anti-aging facial. Especially with the 7 of wands all about self care….

Relaxing and giving yourself the space to rest and recharge is important when it comes to making decisions and life choices. Under stress and with anxiety stuck in your heart chakra, you’re not going to be able to see the magical forest from the trees. Time to switch gears and give yourself permission to check in to the day spa for a few hours. If you can go on a vacation, even better.

The 4 of swords is an indicator that any choices worth making are not going to be fly-by-the-seat-of-your-fancy-pants decisions. You can take some time to feel this out. You don’t have to be pressured to set that thing in stone just yet. Sleep on it. Meditate on it. Manicure on it. Yoga on it.

Padmes January Card of the MonthBecause of all the releasing that’s been going on lately, there’s also a strong pull for incubation. This has to do with you just giving yourself a break in order to let your body integrate all this new space and higher frequencies it has been acquiring. Let your body do some recuperating and get some good rest. There’s a need for resetting energetically and physically.

This week is not the time to do tons of socializing, talking on the phone for hours, making deals happen, or going on shopping expeditions. And it’s also not the week to do a ton of emotional processing. The processing that needs to happen is coming from a calm heart space. Take a deep breath and pour a bunch of Lavender salt in your bath.