4 of Swords—Padmes Card of the Day

4 of Swords Padmes Card of the DayPadmes Daily Tarot—4 of Swords Yay!

It’s the Spa card! Yes, it’s time to journey to that Wise Women’s Hot Springs retreat, simmer in salts, and wash away that which hasn’t served you for a long time. Dive deep into self-imposed limitations, others’ frequencies in your space telling you how it is, and regret that’s had its day in the spotlight. Time to infuse some faerie dust into your energetic field and get anything that doesn’t match the glitter to take a hike. #tarot

The question to ask yourself all day when any decision arises: “What would someone who loves themselves do?”

Padmes Card of the Week — 4 of Swords — Head to the Spa

Padmes Card of the Week 4 of swordsThis week’s energy represents the 4 of Swords with the card of the Month’s energy, the 7 of wands.

It’s time to do a little meditating on a particular challenge or quandary that is keeping you from action. The 4 of swords is also a signal to rejuvenate. Ok, and if you want to know, this is my SPA card. It’s the card that tells me it’s time for a massage, pedicure, eucalyptus steam room, and anti-aging facial. Especially with the 7 of wands all about self care….

Relaxing and giving yourself the space to rest and recharge is important when it comes to making decisions and life choices. Under stress and with anxiety stuck in your heart chakra, you’re not going to be able to see the magical forest from the trees. Time to switch gears and give yourself permission to check in to the day spa for a few hours. If you can go on a vacation, even better.

The 4 of swords is an indicator that any choices worth making are not going to be fly-by-the-seat-of-your-fancy-pants decisions. You can take some time to feel this out. You don’t have to be pressured to set that thing in stone just yet. Sleep on it. Meditate on it. Manicure on it. Yoga on it.

Padmes January Card of the MonthBecause of all the releasing that’s been going on lately, there’s also a strong pull for incubation. This has to do with you just giving yourself a break in order to let your body integrate all this new space and higher frequencies it has been acquiring. Let your body do some recuperating and get some good rest. There’s a need for resetting energetically and physically.

This week is not the time to do tons of socializing, talking on the phone for hours, making deals happen, or going on shopping expeditions. And it’s also not the week to do a ton of emotional processing. The processing that needs to happen is coming from a calm heart space. Take a deep breath and pour a bunch of Lavender salt in your bath.