Card of the Week— The Star Card

the star card padmes card of the weekThe Week of the Star is all about Hope!

This is a definite soul path card. It’s time to acknowledge your true calling and step into your greatness. This week it’s time to shine.

Do things that allow your sacred self to be wined and dined! If that’s reading a book that relates to your passions, going to an event that inspires you, or writing in your dream journal, then move forward with those activities!

The Star Card shows us there is more to come! To realize your outcome you must pave the way! Align with your dreams by moving toward them. You move toward them by surrounding yourself with like energy. That includes people, places, and things. Surround yourself with people who believe in the same goal you have, places that facilitate that intention, and things that remind you or have you doing something related to your intention. This stirs the energy in your favor.

The Star card is positive in relation to health. When we balance our bodies energetically and nutritionally, we align with the Universe. When we’re aligned, we can move forward with our intentions in a clear effective way. The star appears when we are in a place to rejuvenate and be part of the whole as our own contribution.

That said, with the Three of Earth as our card of the month, the Star pulls us into how we can best benefit the team. To be at your best means being balanced—in order to enhance the many, you must take care of the One! — That’s you!

Make sure this is the group for you if you’re dealing in team playing. if it is, without a doubt, do what you can to come in as your most balanced self. Staying loyal to your truest intention when it comes to why you’re in this team or partnership, is what will propel you this week!

Your potential will be fulfilled when you acknowledge your truth.

Do what you do best!

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Often times when we’re feeling blocked or what my grandma used to call, “ooie,” we’re carrying around energy that no longer serves us, or energy that belonging to someone else!

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The Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is all about sneak thievery and sabotage. Whether it’s an item that is stolen, trust that is broken, or nasty backbiting—malicious talk behind the seeker’s back, it’s a card that signals mistrust, and rightly so. Often, however, it may be someone that the seeker does not suspect. The slanderous bi-otch may show up in the spread as a court card. It can also signify a situation that is not of high standing or of divine purpose that may be introduced to the client by someone whom he or she trusts.

When the Five of Swords is reversed, the seeker’s name is cleared in some way. They are deemed trustworthy. The cat has been let out of the bag and the betrayer has been spotlighted in some way. Blame and guilt is removed from the seeker. This card, depending on the surrounding cards, like Temperance for instance—a healing card, can mean that the seeker has forgiven past assholishness dished out by another party.

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a strong yes card. It’s about new beginnings for love and friendships, relationships, fulfillment of emotions. Depending on the surrounding cards, the Ace of Cups can refer to renewed existing relationships or relationships on the horizon. It shows the opening of the heart chakra, it is a receiving card. It shows positive karma entering a situation. In business it can mean working with a soul group or working on a mission-based project.

When this card is reversed it can show that wishful thinking is going on in regards to a relationship or situation. Waiting for things to get better in a situation where it’s unlikely to happen. It can also mean delays in a relationship or in a situation that you wish for and that you feel would fulfill your heart’s desires. If this reversed card is paired with the Knight of Cups up, it means that a relationship may have started with a sexual encounter. If the Knight of Cups is reversed with the Ace of Cups reversed, it can indicate a solely sexually-based relationship or love drained away (love lost) depending on the surrounding cards.

One of the major Yes/No Cards