December Card of the Month —The Chariot

Padmes December Card of the Month, The Chariot

Happy Holidays!

It’s the perfect time of year for The Chariot to pop out of the deck for December! This card is all about pure motivation and and the will to follow through. When the Chariot presents its energy, it represents physical, emotional, and mental bodies combined and working together through you, the agent of change, for the completion of a goal. It’s about making things happen!

Willing It, Powering It, and Following Through Until Fruition

Rather than unconscious energy at work, the energy of The Chariot signifies complete awareness of the bigger picture and the harmony and flow of its outcome during the entire process of achievement. It shines as the consciousness of soul path related to a desired outcome. There is a goal to be completed that takes you to the next level in your journey and you have everything it takes to make it happen with perfect integrity.

What is it that is calling you to make moves and changes in your life?

A career shift, targeted weight loss, personal project, yoga certification, organizing your closet, buying a house? Whatever it is, this is a yes/win card. You can complete this task using the power at hand which places you in your pure universal flow. Procrastination is taking this harnessed energy for granted. This is a message to jump in the pool and begin the action necessary now.

Using this energy can look like moving forward to enhance your life with new knowledge and experiences that will support your evolution into the new year. It is Divine emergence of will. Get out of your own way, hush that “But what if” voice, and ride in the motion of Divine flow trusting the Universe and your plan in it!

If your career is in the front seat at this time, it’s a powerful time to allow fast changes to propel you forward. It’s not the time to halt or take a vacation. This is an inevitable journey that you can’t deny. Surrender in this flow is your best friend.

There’s No Time for Distraction!

If you use the energy of The Chariot being offered, you have access to full mastery of your situation. You can be a pure channel for the Universe right now. Implementing the ability to get out of your own way is important! If any rocks in the spokes take your attention, you could be popped off your path, so pay attention and stay focused—The small details will stay small so that you can remain zeroed in on the big picture.

Assertive energy and perserverance are key right now—No giving up! And letting someone else run the show is not going to cut it either. It’s time to take charge and let the momentum of Divine presence carry you to victory!

November Card of the Month—The Moon—Deep Personal Resolution

The MoonHappy Thanksgiving

I find it really interesting that this is the card that popped out of the deck for November! Toward the end of the month, a lot of families and friends will be gathering for Thanksgiving. Let the group dynamics begin! For that very reason, many choose to make this festive time of the year strictly for small groups of compassionate friends— instead of walking right into explosive and high-intensity gatherings.

Stemming from when we were young, we’re set into a specific role in our family by our family: What’s your role? Princess, Whiner, Whistle Blower, Caretaker, Scapegoat, The Smart One, Know-it-all, The one who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves, the one who cares about everyone else and never themselves?

Commonly, we subconsciously bring that role with us into all avenues of our lives. We can see the patterns of our role when we interact at work, or with a group of friends, at school, on teams—really anywhere we must interact in a group situation for an extended period of time.

Some of us are fine with our role. Some of us, not so much.

Those who don’t want to commit to their childhood role can spend a good portion of their lives healing from the labels given to them once they realize that the role never really suited them. The Moon card can bring out this role that was never you. It may even take pride in it. The lessons of The Moon card show us the contrasts that we came here as souls to learn about. (Thank you, higher self/pre-birth planning soul…)

Once you connect with this healing and start that healing journey around your label, the next step usually touches on a need for others in this dynamic to understand and accept your new role as the Real You.

Not so fast, trucker.

The emotional healing process is a personal one. It has to do with your time frame, relativity, and personal power. Not everyone is going to be on the same page, wavelength, or freeway. And that brings you to the inner peace that must develop in order to move forward in your emotional healing for yourself, by yourself. When you’re resolving issues at your own speed and very possibly as a one-man-band,  you’ll be ahead and behind others in their process.

This month is about acceptance, sitting with uncertainty, not knowing, or the practice of resolving issues concerning others on an internal basis when you can’t resolve them in relationship. Giving yourself and others the space and the freedom to be in process. That is what the moon encourages us to look at this month. Perfect timing.

Card of the Week—The Fool—The Beauty of Starting Fresh

The FoolThe Card of this week is the Fool. There’s something amazing about this specifically with the Card of the Month being Ace of Fire. You are blasting forward with your new endeavors and the Universe is in full support.

Time to do a check in and become aware of synchronicities around you, your dreams and visions! That’s the higher self talking and your Divine intelligence telling you what’s up. Listen to it!

The Fool is all about leaps of faith! Opportunities that are very well unexpected and amazing. No one can tell you what you love more than you. Do what you love. Go after what you dream about! The daydreams that you get lost in… Do something that correlates with them.

The fool is the part of us that is like a child. No fear and no worry! Not scared to jump in the pool! So the power of fierce fire and no fear is pure energy for manifesting through action!

Have you ever heard that saying “Krunk like no one is watching?” That’s what the Fool is all about. You can plan and do what you need to like you’ve never experienced failure or disappointment. This project or new situation that you’re nurturing is…. wait for it… foolproof. So give give give give it all you got. Give it all you got.

There’s a trust in the Universe that you can channel at this time. The pure spirit of adventure is on your side. Even if your endeavor is something you know a lot about, not “starting new” per se, the Fool is about looking at it with new, exciting, playful energy with no fear or negative self speak to hold you back. You can Trust.



Card of the Week—The Magician—Bring the Bliss

The MagicianThis week the Magician tells us to remember what we used to get lost in when we were young. Dance? Novels? Skateboarding? Painting? Bringing back some of those feelings will integrate in what you’re wanting to manifest in present time. Funny how we forget, or simply don’t think of those things the way we used to, but now’s your chance to remember and resurrect.

This week is a time for magic. When you least expect it, resources seemingly fall from the sky into your lap. What you manifest, you get. The Magician is all about the creative Universe at work. With a little focus, your desires and thoughts become tangible right in front of your eyes.

Your intuition can guide you this week as well. Trust it. You are very capable of coming up with solutions that may feel like they just popped in your head… like magic.

You can also gain a lot of insight, knowledge, and inspiration by teaching/showing someone else how to do something you’re good at, or just explaining how you do it—Something clicks and takes you to a new thought process.

This week, after regrouping last week, you really hone the management skills to implement your resources. This way you can make big ideas become realities. This is not a time to rely on others’ skills or know-how alone. Asking for help, yes, managing or directing the process, that’s all you.

Disregarding resources or help at hand is not advised right now. Don’t take these things for granted by placing them on the back burner.

Make use of what’s in front of you! Move forward with confidence. Not hesitating right now.



Card of the Week—The Chariot—Rewards through the Power of Purpose

The ChariotAction, assertiveness, and purpose. What drives you?

Everything that has made you who you are brings you to your purpose. This passion can take you on a journey this week, or the planning of an actual trip in the future. Whatever is driving you, it’s time to take action and move forward full force until your goal is underway.

TheEmpressWith the Empress this month, the Chariot, which can be tough with the tunnel vision, is focused, yet keeps the whole in mind. The way to get things done this week is with honey, not a Drill Sargent. There’s an element of self-control that would be beneficial for you to keep in mind. Nurturing this project the entire way through and all who are involved in its fruition is key here.

This duo is also a double message to see things through to the end. Complete the goal that you’ve started. Make the trip you’ve planned. Not only will your hard work bring about satisfaction from all aspects of your emotional, physical, and mental bodies, but your spirit will sing by completing something special that it came here to accomplish. This is a biggie. Be the channel the Universe works through.

Vitality is curating your health right now. You can harness the power of self-healing this week to get the results that you’re craving. Diet, exercise, sleep, rejuvenation, recuperation, it’s all in your hands.

The experience of a whole new you in a relationship is afoot. You can trust that you’re aligned with a love partner or work partner who brings out your greatest good and that you are truly the Queen bee of your life and personal adventures. You’re calling the shots for you. You’re setting the rules and boundaries and those who wish to stay by your side will respect what you’ve set. Those who don’t fall away.

Letting someone else call the shots right now is not your best choice. Waiting till next week to start, finish, or get going with your passion, purpose, goal, or existing situation—not an option for the amazing results that are available right now.

The momentum of the Chariot invites you to jump in and Go!