Card of the Week—The Magician—Bring the Bliss

The MagicianThis week the Magician tells us to remember what we used to get lost in when we were young. Dance? Novels? Skateboarding? Painting? Bringing back some of those feelings will integrate in what you’re wanting to manifest in present time. Funny how we forget, or simply don’t think of those things the way we used to, but now’s your chance to remember and resurrect.

This week is a time for magic. When you least expect it, resources seemingly fall from the sky into your lap. What you manifest, you get. The Magician is all about the creative Universe at work. With a little focus, your desires and thoughts become tangible right in front of your eyes.

Your intuition can guide you this week as well. Trust it. You are very capable of coming up with solutions that may feel like they just popped in your head… like magic.

You can also gain a lot of insight, knowledge, and inspiration by teaching/showing someone else how to do something you’re good at, or just explaining how you do it—Something clicks and takes you to a new thought process.

This week, after regrouping last week, you really hone the management skills to implement your resources. This way you can make big ideas become realities. This is not a time to rely on others’ skills or know-how alone. Asking for help, yes, managing or directing the process, that’s all you.

Disregarding resources or help at hand is not advised right now. Don’t take these things for granted by placing them on the back burner.

Make use of what’s in front of you! Move forward with confidence. Not hesitating right now.



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