Card of the Week—10 of Wands—Time to Regroup and Delegate

10 of WandsComing from a place of moving forward with everything we’ve got from last week, it’s time to delegate! If you tried to take it all on yourself, you may be experiencing some stress, exhaustion, and even anxiety from doing it all alone. TheEmpressThe Empress this month is cluing us in on taking care of ourselves and taking care of others, but that can’t flow if we’re not spending time and energy wisely.

The 10 of wands this week tells us that we’re taking on too much. Taking on others’ work on top of our own, or not letting anyone else help out is what is going on here. You can’t be everywhere at once and you can’t be 10 people. You are you, and you have permission to ask for help. Get back in balance. Take the pressure off. Get your team together and regroup. When you’re overwhelmed, you can lose focus.

If you want something done right, you have to set your clear vision and let others know about it. Doing it yourself because you think no one else can help or do it right is definitely not what the Empress this month is getting at. There’s some serious joy and love that you’re shortchanging yourself.

Get back into the Joy of your goals, not just the outcome—and let up on that OCD tendancy. Remember that all the resources that you need, you have in your energy field. When you see that, you can get comfortable again in next steps. Progress and Clarity halt until you back off and regroup.

It’s critical to remember what was relevant and important about this in the first place and realign the value of your efforts.





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