Card of the Week—The Chariot—Rewards through the Power of Purpose

The ChariotAction, assertiveness, and purpose. What drives you?

Everything that has made you who you are brings you to your purpose. This passion can take you on a journey this week, or the planning of an actual trip in the future. Whatever is driving you, it’s time to take action and move forward full force until your goal is underway.

TheEmpressWith the Empress this month, the Chariot, which can be tough with the tunnel vision, is focused, yet keeps the whole in mind. The way to get things done this week is with honey, not a Drill Sargent. There’s an element of self-control that would be beneficial for you to keep in mind. Nurturing this project the entire way through and all who are involved in its fruition is key here.

This duo is also a double message to see things through to the end. Complete the goal that you’ve started. Make the trip you’ve planned. Not only will your hard work bring about satisfaction from all aspects of your emotional, physical, and mental bodies, but your spirit will sing by completing something special that it came here to accomplish. This is a biggie. Be the channel the Universe works through.

Vitality is curating your health right now. You can harness the power of self-healing this week to get the results that you’re craving. Diet, exercise, sleep, rejuvenation, recuperation, it’s all in your hands.

The experience of a whole new you in a relationship is afoot. You can trust that you’re aligned with a love partner or work partner who brings out your greatest good and that you are truly the Queen bee of your life and personal adventures. You’re calling the shots for you. You’re setting the rules and boundaries and those who wish to stay by your side will respect what you’ve set. Those who don’t fall away.

Letting someone else call the shots right now is not your best choice. Waiting till next week to start, finish, or get going with your passion, purpose, goal, or existing situation—not an option for the amazing results that are available right now.

The momentum of the Chariot invites you to jump in and Go!



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